Meet George.

George portrait

Meet George.

George farms.

Meet George Pagonis:

George is a junior at UCCS studying in the school of business. He started working in the Greenhouse and Farm back in 2014 and left this past summer to make room for summer classes. While much has changed since his involvement, the greenhouse still uses sustainable growing methods and organic practices for all of their vegetables and fruits. George loves outdoor activities and can been seen skiing or snowboarding in the winter and hiking or fishing in the summer. He is also an avid sports fan, particularly football and hockey.

The Greenhouse, located on the West side of campus, was first installed in the summer of 2012. Their mission is to provide high quality, organically-grown produce, and to educate the campus community about new gardening methods and sustainable growing solutions. Through researching a variety of avenues of organic gardening, the Greenhouse and Farm seeks to use innovative as well as traditional gardening practices. The Greenhouse and Farm hopes to become a resource center for sustainable organic gardening methods while producing delicious, nutritious organic fruits and vegetables for the UCCS community. Currently, they sell produce at the food station called The Food Next Door located in Café 65 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 11 AM-2 PM