Campus Conservation Nationals

Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN)People at the Campus Conservation Nationals talking next to a booth

Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN) is a month long conservation challenge that encourages residential students to decrease their energy and water use through a month of programming and marketing. This conservation campaign is in line with our institutional Climate Action Plan. With this programming, CCN serves as an engagement tool promoting conservation behavior while enhancing the experience of our students. In addition to conservation, CCN provides a way to educate students while working to reduce our utility use and carbon emissions. The month-long competition uses an initial test week as base data for a comparison across the competition period. As part of this competition, the Office partners with UCCS Residence Life, Green Action Fund, and the Residence Hall Association.

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Reduction Through the Years

  • Spring 20130.7% electricity reduction
Poster with Keep Calm and Turn it Off in big letters
  • Spring 2014 - 1.88% electricity reduction


The UCCS Sustainability Pledge: I pledge to unplug from my computer, phone, and other electronics for _ hours every day.  By doing this I will be helping UCCS conserve energy
  • Spring 2015 - 1.12% electricity reduction


In Spring 2015, there was a 1.12% electricity reduction

Posters for CCN 2015 were awarded 'Best Outreach Posters' by Lucid.

  • Spring 2016 - 3.19% electricity reduction


CCN Members holding shower timers
  • Spring 2017 - 2.2% electricity reduction
Office of Sustainability members standing behind a booth