Summer Session 2019

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Summer sessions at University of Colorado Colorado Springs offer you a variety of options to gain additional credits and complete UCCS courses, both online and in person, from May through August.

How to Apply

You can accelerate your degree-earning process with summer courses and broaden your flexibility by filling out an application to become a student. If you're already a student, check in on important dates before registering for courses.

Before applying, select the status that best fits you.

Current Students

Log into your myUCCS Student Portal to register for a class.

Incoming Freshmen Students

Students attending UCCS upon graduating from high school (regardless of number of college credits earned while in high school), or students who attended another college after high school but earned fewer than 13 hours of college credit. 

Transfer Students

Students who are a high school graduate, or have earned a high school equivalency, and have 13 or more college credits after high school (not including college credit earned while in high school).

Visiting Students (undergraduate)

Start the application process.

Graduate Students

Graduate students are those who have already completed a Bachelor's Degree and are pursuing a Master's, Doctoral, Graduate Certificate, or Graduate Non-Degree program.

Online Students

Fill out the Application For Admissions to start the registration process.

Registration Checklist

We're here to help you succeed. If you have any questions regarding admission or registration, reach out for help at (719) 255-3084 or

Before Registering

Get Advising.

» For Undergraduate Students, visit the Student Success Center at for guidance.
» For Graduate Students, visit the Graduate School at for information or discuss your options with your program representative.

Plan Your Schedule.

» Go to Course Listings to see a breakdown of the Summer Session dates, but be sure to check For Prerequisites.

» If you would like to search for a UCCS course as a guest, you can use Guest Course Search, which is designed for prospective students and visitors to view classes offered by the university.

Registering For Classes

Register for your courses

» Go to your myUCCS Student Portal and register online.


» You are automatically added to a course in order of where you are on the waitlist. You are not charged for the course until you have been successfully added to the course.

After Registration

Pay Your Bill.

» Use the UCCS Bursar's Office tool to pay bill or calculate your bill.

Change Your Schedule With Add/Drop.

» Go to your myUCCS Student Portal before the Census Date.

Important Dates

  • Registration Opens: March 18, 2019
  • Offices and Campus Closed: May 27, 2019
  • Weekend University Begins: June 1, 2019
  • Classes Begin for Summer Semester: June 10, 2019
  • Session A Begins: June 10, 2019
  • Session B Begins: July 8, 2019
  • Offices and Campus Closed: July 4, 2019
  • Summer Semester Ends: August 2, 2019
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Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

Your UCCS bill is comprised of tuition costs and mandatory fees each semester. You can learn more about the breakdown by visiting the Bursar Office website. For more information about fees and financial aid availability, visit financial aid.

Remember, we will always send your bills through your UCCS email, we never mail bills.