General Information

General Work Study Information

Work study is a part-time employment program (approximately 10-20 hours per week) that is awarded to eligible students. Jobs are available with both on and off-campus employers. There are two types of work study: need-based and non-need-based work study.

Work study is a subsidized employment program. The employer only pays a portion of the student employee's hourly rate while state, federal, or institutional funding pays the remainder of the student's wage. Naturally, work study student employees are in high demand due to the reduced cost of their employment. You only receive a work study award as you earn it in a specific work study job. Please be aware that work study earnings are taxable income.

All university departments may hire work study student employees. Additionally, the university has signed contracts with over seventy off-campus agencies. These off- campus agencies are governmental or private non-profit agencies.

Students may only have one work study job per semester. If they quit or are terminated during the semester, they may not get another work study job until the following semester.

Need-Based Work Study

Students must apply for financial aid and have financial need in order to be awarded need-based work study. See the Financial Aid page for information on how to apply for financial aid. Work study positions are subsidized by Federal, State, or institutional funds. Work study recipients must be accepted into a degree program and they must be enrolled at least half-time. See table below.

Half-time is defined as
  Fall/Spring Summer
Undergraduate 6 Credit Hours 6 Credit Hours
Graduate 3 Credit Hours 3 Credit Hours

Awards range from $750 to $3,000 per semester. Students usually work from 10 to 20 hours per week. Jobs are available both on-campus and off-campus. Students are paid every two weeks for hours worked. Students may earn only their awarded amount in work study. If the student does earn beyond their work study award, the department is responsible for 100% of the hourly rate.

Non-Need-Based Work Study

Non-need-based work study is not based upon financial need. Non-need based work study is subsidized by State of Colorado funds authorized by the General Assembly. Applicants must be undergraduates, accepted into a degree program, taking a minimum of 6 credits and Colorado residents for tuition purposes (not based upon military or Olympic status). Students pursuing a second undergraduate degree will be considered only after all first undergraduate degree applicants have been awarded. Awards will range from $750 to $2500 per semester, and are made using a computerized random selection process.

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Applications are available beginning July 1, and are accepted until the end of the first week of the Fall semester. Awards are only made once during the academic year.

On-Campus Student Hourly Employment

UCCS employs approximately 1200 students in part-time non-work study positions called student hourly positions. These positions are funded 100 percent by the employing department. Jobs are available in many departments.

Students are hired on the basis of their individual qualifications and skills. Many employers will train students on the job. All openings are posted on SEAN for a minimum of three days. You must see the Student Employment Office before you begin working.

Students must be accepted into a degree program and they must be enrolled at least half-time. During the summer, students may work on campus without being enrolled if they were enrolled as full-time students during the previous spring semester and they show intent to return to the University in the following fall semester.

Half-time is defined as
  Fall/Spring Summer
Undergraduate 6 Credit Hours 6 Credit Hours
Graduate 3 Credit Hours 3 Credit Hours

Undergraduate students enrolled less that half-time, graduate students enrolled less than full-time and students who usually work 40 hours per week will participate in the student retirement plan.

Off-Campus Student Hourly

Over 1,400 local employers in the Pikes Peak area have used the job referral services of the Student Employment Office. There is no fee to the employer or the student for this service. Listed positions may be long-term or temporary and are part-time or full-time. Available openings range from highly skilled technicians and computer assistants, to clerical work, child care and general labor.

All currently enrolled students at UCCS, and those who have been accepted for the next term, are eligible to use this service without regard to sex, age, religion or ethnic background.

This service is strictly self-referral. All jobs are posted on SEAN.  Students must set up their own interviews. If you are hired for a position on SEAN, please use the Report a Hire function within the SEAN system so that we can remove the job from our active postings.

All student employment services are offered on a walk-in basis. We welcome students to see us for counseling regarding their part-time job search needs.

If you do not see any jobs that you are interested in or qualified to apply for, you should check SEAN later in the week when new job listings will be available. Jobs are updated daily.