Cherwell / HCM


Cherwell User Guide updated on 07/19/2018. HCM Information updated on 01/10/2018. Please view the updated Full Student Hire Process Guide before beginning the hiring process for any student employee.


Employment and Career Resources
Name Description
Cherwell User Guide This is a guide to completing and submitting tickets in the Student Employment Cherwell Portal. Last updated 4/8/19
General Guides for Payroll and MyLeave This link will bring you to the Elevate: HCM page where you can find all related step-by-step-guides.  Please keep in mind that guides may change.
Load to CU Time Guide Basic instructions for how to load time from MyLeave to CU Time  Last updated 12/28/2015
Late Pay Request Sheet Complete this form and submit a Late Pay Request Ticket in Cherwell if late pay is needed for any student employee.
Student Guide to Using MyLeave Basic instructions for student employee preferences set-up, entering and submitting time.
Wage Change Offer Guide This is a guide to completing a Wage Change Offer for a student employee.
Termination Guide This is a guide to terminating a student employee.