Frequently Asked Questions - Student Employees

Work study is a subsidized part-time employment program (approximately 10 to 20 hours per week) that is awarded to eligible students as part of their financial aid package. Placements are available with both on and off campus employers. There are two types of work study: need-based and non-need-based work study. Students are paid hourly depending on the type of work that they will be doing. Pay is directly deposited into their bank account every two weeks. The employer only pays a portion of the student employee's hourly rate while state or federal governmental funding pays the remainder of the student's wage.

To be considered for work study, you need to complete a FAFSA on time, show work study eligibility from the calculation, and specify a work study preference on your FAFSA. There is also a non need-based work study application process. The deadline to apply for No Need work study is in the first week of the Fall semester. See this page for instructions on how to apply for Financial Aid (including work study).

Yes. Without work study you may work in any on campus student hourly position, or in any off campus position!

SEAN lists all job openings on campus, as well as numerous jobs within the community. This site is always being updated, so check back frequently for new jobs.

Jobs are usually posted approximately one month before the semester starts.

No. However, contact the UCCS Career Center to find opportunities to volunteer within the community.

The procedures for on campus hires and off campus work study are outlined in the "New Hire Check-in List". Be sure to use that form/procedure and you'll be in good shape to be paid on time!

On campus wages vary depending on the type of job and the department the student is working in. Wages range from minimum wage (Colorado or Federal) to a maximum of $25.00 per hour. Many of our on campus jobs and off campus work study jobs pay $1-$2 better per hour than minimum wage.

Student Employment located in Cragmor Hall room 104.


No. A student may only have one work study job per semester. If for whatever reason the student quits or is terminated before the end of the semester, he or she may not have another work study job until the next semester. However, students may be hired for student hourly/non-work study jobs in addition to their work study job in a given semester, as long as they do not work more than the maximum 25 hours per week/ 50 hours in a two week pay period.

No. You can quit your job at any time (although it is encouraged that if you made a semester-long commitment that you try to keep it). Please give your employer at least 2 weeks notice should you decide to quit.

If you meet the qualifications for Work Study, you may be considered through a summer application process.

Student Hourly Positions (not work study): For purposes of summer employment (not to include work-study), a student may be employed without being enrolled if she or he was enrolled half-time in the spring semester and the student shows intent to return to UCCS the following fall semester. Non-enrolled and some part-time student employees will participate in a retirement program. For more information, go to the "Benefits" section of the Student Employment Handbook.

If a student works over the amount of his/her award, the department is responsible for paying 100% of the student's hourly wage. Thus, the student may continue to work as long as the employer agrees to keep the student working as a student hourly employee. However, employers usually want student employees to stay within their award amount so be sure to check with your employer before working beyond your allotted work study award.

Students must complete the following required training courses within 30 days of the start of employment.

CU Information Security and Privacy myUCCS Student Portal

CU Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct (SaVE) myUCCS Student Portal

CU Fiscal Code of Ethics myUCCS Student Portal

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Survey Link

Using MyLeave Student Guide to MyLeave

In the myUCCS Student Portal under CU Resources >> CU Resources Home (under the dropdown) >> My Info and Pay. Choose the type of information that you wish to update by selecting the appropriate tile and completing the update steps.

No. We will simply need a Student Employee Position Offer from your new employer with the Action/Reason "Additional Job".

No. However, we will ask you to update any information that has changed, and if it has been longer than 60 days since you were last employed on campus, you will need to update your Direct Deposit information again via the CU Resources Tab in the myUCCS Student Portal.

If you are ever injured on the job, please contact University Risk Management at or 888-812-9601. Student employees are covered under University Worker’s Compensation. The priority deadline in order to be considered for Financial Aid including work study for the next school year is March 1st. You should complete a FAFSA annually; they are available on line January 1st of each year. The school code for UCCS is: 004509.

You access your W-2 electronically on the myUCCS Student Portal under CU Resources >> Employee Information >> W-2. The W-2 should be posted with your information by February 1st of each year. For questions regarding receiving a mailed W-2, please contact Payroll and Benefits Services at 1-855-216-7740.

Try to access your W-2 electronically on the myUCCS Student Portal under CU Resources >> My Info and Pay >> W-2. For questions regarding receiving a mailed W-2, please contact Employee Services at 1-855-216-7740 or visit their website at

No-need Work Study is not based upon financial need. You must be an undergraduate student and Colorado resident to potentially qualify for this award. Applications are available each summer and are accepted until Friday at 5pm during the first week of fall classes. Awards are only made once during the academic year and are selected via a computer randomized process.

We're here to help! Please feel free to stop by our office (Located in Cragmor 104), or call us at (719) 255-3454. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We may also be reached via email at