Job Classifications and Pay Ranges

Announcing Student Employee Job Code and Pay Range Restructure:

Student employee job code and pay structure was reviewed in light of Colorado minimum wage increases through 2020, university transition to university staff employee groups, and the need to support unique departmental needs through departmental compensation plans.  The UCCS Office of Student Employment, the Student Employment Advisory Committee, multiple representatives from campus departments in auxiliary, academic, and administrative units, and Leadership Team completed this review. 

  • Reviewing departments included: the Family Development Center, Dining & Hospitality Services, Kramer Library, Campus IT, the University Center, Physics, Human Resources, Facilities Services, Psychology, College of Engineering, College of Business, Orientation, the Scribe, Office of Campus Activities, Residence Life & Housing, the Excel Centers, Chemistry, Financial Aid/Student Employment, the School of Public Affairs, and Student Recruitment.

***Effective 7/1/2017 all hourly student employees will be hired into one job code- 4106.  ***

This job code will simply indicate these employees are in the Student Employee job group.  No other job codes will be used.  All active student hourly employees will be transferred to the 4106 job code by Employee Services.  This is not a promotion nor does it mean all positions are the same, all pay rates will transfer at the same rate.  We will no longer have pay rate tied to a specific job code.

Pay will be divided into 3 basic pay range guides within the 4106 Job Code.

  • $11.10-$16.00- Entry Level/Semi-Skilled/Routine
    • Working Titles Examples-
      • 1st Year Teacher Assistant, Receptionist, Student Ambassador, Outdoor services Student Assistant, DHS General Student Staff, Orientation Welcome Leader, UC Event Assistant, Grader, IT Intern, IT Technician, Scribe Reporter, Scribe Coordinator
  • $11.60-$18.00-Full Operating/Skilled/Mid-Level
    • Working Titles Examples-
      • Lead Student Ambassador, GIS/FM/CAD Assistant. DHS Student Manager, Lead Orientation Welcome Leader, UC Event Assistant II, SI Instructor, Senior  IT Technician, Peer Tutor, Scribe Business Manager, Orientation Leader Coordinator
  • $12.10-$25.00- Lead/Highly Advanced Skills
    • Working Title Examples-
      • DHS Student Director, UC Building Manager, IT Lead, Senior Peer Tutor, Scribe Editor-in-Chief, Certified Teachers Assistant, Financial Assistant

Please note the following:

  • Departmental comp plans (can use existing) will be maintained by each department and reviewed each year during the annual audit
  • Equity Workshops (supervisors from all areas of campus will be invited to participate in workshops where starting pay rates for similar positions will be compared) will support starting pay rate equity across campus
  • An incoming hire with advanced experience or skill should start $.25-$.50 higher per hour
  • Advanced or lead positions should start $1.00 higher per hour
  • By 1/1/2020 the pay range will go from $12-$25 per hour.
  • Click here to view the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Minimum Wage Information
Pay Ranges and Effective Dates
Effective Dates Minimum Wage Maximum Wage Job Code(s)
Until 6/30/2017 $9.30 $18.00 4101 - 4106
7/1/2017 - 12/31/2017 $9.30 $25.00 4106
1/1/2018 - 12/31/2018 $10.20 $25.00 4106
1/1/2019 - 12/31/2019 $11.10 $25.00 4106
1/1/2020 and beyond $12.00 $25.00 4106

Click here to view Job Classification and Pay Rates prior to 7/1/2017