Off-Campus FAQ

Off-Campus Work Study Employer FAQ

Click here for basic information about our Off-Campus Work Study Program.

  1. Why should my organization be interested in partnering with UCCS as an Off-Campus Work Study Employer?
    1. Click here to check out 5 reasons to partner with us!
  2. How do I become an off-campus work study employer with UCCS?
    1. To participate as an off-campus work study employer with UCCS an organization must be a private non-profit organization, documentation of your non-profit status (i.e. letter from IRS documenting 501(c) (3) tax exempt status) is required.
    2. Contact Shannon Cable at for more information and to set-up a contract.
  3. What are the steps to hiring a student employee?
    1. Be an approved off-campus work study employer with current contract
    2. Create a job description (include on SEPO)
    3. Create a base compensation rate and plan (include on SEPO)
    4. Post your open job on SEANs for at least 3 days
    5. Collect applications/resumes
    6. Review applicants and interview, communicate with both those who will be interviewed and those who will not be interviewed.
    7. After the interviews offer the job to the candidate best meeting your needs (if your position requires a background check offer contingent upon a successful background check), communicate with both the candidate who you offer the job to and to those you did not
    8. Complete the SEPO to hire the student employee
    9. Have the student complete initial hire paperwork and visit the Student Employment Office for orientation
    10. The student should bring valid identification to complete the I-9 and a voided check/deposit slip/direct deposit authorization from their bank
  4. Do you offer training for off-campus supervisors?
    1. Yes, an off-campus supervisor training program is offered in the fall and spring terms each year.
    2. You can also check out some basic supervisor information by clicking here.
  5. How does my work study student employee get paid?
    1. They will be paid bi-weekly via direct deposit.
  6. When will I receive an invoice to pay my portion of my work study employee’s earnings?
    1. You will be invoiced once per month for your portion of the previous months’ earnings.
  7. What happens when my work study employee uses up their work study award?
    1. When a student employee uses up their entire work study award your organization will be responsible for paying 100% of the wages earned as well as the administrative fee and workers compensation contribution for a total of 109%. You can work to schedule a student to remain within their award amount or you can have the student employee stop working once they have reached their award limit.