Employer Information

Employer Training

Required and helpful trainings for new and experienced student employee supervisors.

Training For Supervisors
Training Link
Basic On-Campus Supervisor Training Download Presentation
Basic Off-Campus Supervisor Training Download Presentation
Advanced Supervisor Training Download Presentation


Please visit the Forms page for all forms and documents.

Employer Resources

Helpful links and other resources to assist student employee supervisors

Resources For Supervisors
Audit Checklist
Job Classifications and Pay Ranges
Job Posting Information
On-Campus Employer FAQ
Off-Campus Employer FAQ
Required In-Person Student Employee Orientation


Actions that can be requested via email to sepayrol@uccs.edu

  • Change in funding requests
  • Change to work study or to student hourly requests
  • Change in reports to person (change in supervisor) requests
  • Payroll Expense Transfers (PETs)-

    Payroll expense transfers are completed to move payroll earnings for student employees. A PET Request Sheet is used to make requests to move earnings. The PET Request sheet requires detailed information on the type of movement requested, future funding, and sponsored project funds. If the PET impacts any sponsored project fund the requestor must complete the detailed questions at the bottom of the request sheet and all PETs will be reviewed by the Sponsored Projects Accounting Office before approval. Should the Sponsored Projects Office have any questions or require further information they will reach out directly to the PET requestor listed on the PET Request Sheet.