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Supporting and Preparing UCCS Student Researchers

The mission of the Center for Student Research (CSR) is to prepare and support undergraduate and graduate student researchers as well as their faculty mentors across disciplines. Our fast-growing campus has a wealth of opportunities for students and faculty to enhance their research experience and the Center aims to serve as the central hub for connecting our members to these resources.

The Center oversees the Undergraduate Research Academy and the new Graduate Research Academy. Our long-term goal is to catalyze research career paths for our students by 1) utilizing an apprentice model of student-faculty collaboration; 2) providing an aspirational peer-mentoring model with a graduate student mentor; and 3) fostering a campus community of student researchers and faculty mentors. The Center is devoted to all students, with a mission to especially serve underrepresented minority, first-generation, and other at-risk or under-served students.

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  • We are located on the East side of campus in Main Hall 316. Come by and visit us today!

  • The Co-Directors are Dr. Anna Kosloski and Jennifer Poe. If you have any questions about the Center, don't hesitate to ask either of them!

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    The Graduate Peer Mentor will be available to share their advice on grad school from searching for programs, perfecting applications, and CVs to tips on navigating graduate school life in general.

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  • Are you a faculty member interested in expanding your research team? Do you want to learn more about the research mentoring relationship? Is fostering the development of future researchers important to you? If so, join the Center for Student Research today! Follow the link below to take a short survey and become a Faculty Affiliate of the Center! 

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Class of 2019

Success Stories-Class of 2019

Graduate Student
Katasha J. Dawson. M.A.
At the beginning of my educational career, I was the only one of my friends to pursue college. Research on the benefits of college degrees led me to desire a Bachelors degree and later on a Masters degree. My faculty research mentor introduced me to the Accelerated Masters Program and helped me to not only cultivate and develop my research interests, but helped me to explore career interests within my specific degree. I never realized how encompassing a Communication degree is from Human Resources to Digital Marketing. What sets my research apart from others is the ethical and moral compass that guides me and furthermore engaging in reliable and valid modes of measurement, analysis, and overall understanding and comprehensiveness. What is research, but sharing knowledge, but if that knowledge is not understood or properly explained it tends to be a loss of knowledge, which is a shame.

Faculty mentor: Dr. Maja Krakowiak
Graduate Research Student
Class of 2019
Undergraduate Student
Michael Wheeler B.S.
Research means helping to study something that is worthwhile, exciting and can benefit other academics and potentially society itself depending on the research performed. From working with Dr. Kovacs I learned about the basic laboratory techniques and how to operate laboratory equipment such as the centrifuges, FPLC, and the column chromatography apparatus. I also learned how DNA is cloned and replicated in a lab setting as well as how proteins are synthesized and collected. Having a mentor greatly helped my research because I was introduced to what performing lab experiments are like in an actual laboratory setting. It also greatly increased my knowledge of experiments and protocols because Dr. Kovacs passed on his experience on the topic of research I was studying. The URA was a great opportunity and program and I was happy to be a part of it.

Faculty mentor: Dr. James Kovacs
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