2012-2020 Strategic Plan

The UCCS 2012-2020 Strategic Plan describes our vision of what we can achieve as a university and our commitment to providing access to higher education and strengthening the community.

2016 Midpoint Review

In 2016, UCCS initiated a process to update the strategic plan. More than 1,100 comments and suggestions from more than 325 campus community members were considered for the update, as well as input from the CU Board of Regents. This midpoint review updates academic aspirations, enrollment figures, construction plans and nances as well as projects, such as the City for Champions efforts, that were not fully anticipated in 2012. Additional academic programs as well as additional faculty and staff positions also are reflected in this update. What remains the same is our growth trajectory and the fundamental values we will employ.

Read the Midpoint Review here: 2012-2020 Strategic Planning 2016 Midpoint Review (PDF)

Midpoint Review Input Day Comments from over 300 campus employee participants on January 26, 2016: 2012-2020 Strategic Planning Midpoint Review Input Day Comments (PDF)

Read more about the midpoint review comment process in Communique: 

Original 2012-2020 Strategic Plan 

UCCS Strategic Plan 2020 as Approved by the University of Colorado Board of Regents Summer 2012: UCCS Strategic Plan 2020 (PDF)

Cover of the 2012-2020 Strategic Plan - Our Commitment to the Future


Vision and Values of Excellence

See the UCCS Mission, Vision, and Values of Excellence as adopted by Regents CU Board of Regents June 2012: UCCS Mission, Vision, and Values of Excellence (PDF)

Read the UCCS Vision and Values drafts and comments from October 2011 and February 2012 Strategic Planning 2020 forums: Vision (Draft 1 and 2) and Values of Excellence and Comments (PDF)

Comments on Strategic Goals

Twelve goals were formulated based on comments submitted by members of campus at the October 20, 2011 Strategic Planning 2020 Conference.

Read comments on each goal, submitted by members of campus »