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UCCS 2030 Strategic Plan

Fueling the future. The UCCS Strategic Plan.

We are at the beginning of a 10-year journey of growth, change and becoming. Our journey will be guided by the UCCS 2030 Strategic Plan, comprised of seven core strategies informed by our faculty, staff, students, alumni and community.

Built in partnership with JERA, the 2030 Strategic Plan process kicked off in Fall 2018 with a semester of listening. In 2019, the conversation continued – during Town Hall sessions, through surveys and emails, discovery sessions and more. Seven core strategies emerged, to be solidified in the coming months as goals and objectives lead to timelines and measures of success.
As we begin our 10-year journey, campus community members both near and far are invited to contribute to the inspired ideas driving the next decade of success at UCCS.

Explore the latest presentation regarding a shift in budget model to align closely with the Strategic Plan.


Explore Our Core Strategies
Hundreds of members of the UCCS campus community organized to inform the creation of seven core strategies, centered around the growth of UCCS, its programs and partnerships. As these strategies are finalized, stay tuned for a Deep Dive on each, one week at a time from July 18 through Aug. 26.
Stay Informed: Our News & Updates
From updates on Core Strategies to announcements on the Strategic Plan and events surrounding it, you can stay up to date by checking in on our news and updates section.