Welcome Committee

Co-Chairs for 2017-18

Krystal Schiffelbein  (x3096) kschiffe@uccs.edu

Alex Baker (x7202) abaker@uccs.edu

The purpose of the Welcome Committee is to personally connect with each new staff member at UCCS and make them feel welcome.  

The committee is open to all staff members.

The committee only meets periodically and conducts most of its business through email.  The committee has worked to create a Welcome Packet that holds a great deal of information about perks and benefits to being staff at UCCS. We also kept the packet updated throughout the year as things changed. We reached out to many people, on and off campus, to collect goodies and giveaways to hand out to new staff.

Every month the chair of the committee would receive a list of new hires from Human Resources. She then transferred the pertinent information to a spreadsheet to track new staff and who would reach out to greet them. 

The chair of the committee created contact lists for everyone who was on the committee, the local businesses, departments and individuals who donated or could be potential donors to the committee and finally all new hires. As new lists would come from HR, the chair would then reach out to her list of committee members and ask who would be willing to greet people. She then would match them up with individuals. The committee members would reach out to the new staff and request a time to greet them and bring them a welcome bag with the welcome packet, various coupons and goodies. Members of the committee would stop by the chair's office and pick up the welcome bags as they needed.

The committee, which consisted of 27 members including the chair, reached out to greet 82 new staff between August 2015 and May 2016. It was a very busy, and we believe successful year for the Welcome Committee.