UBAC and Staff Association

University Budget Advisory Committee

UBAC's Charge

UBAC shall review recommendations to the Chancellor in detail concerning the University budget for the short term and in broad outline for long term University budget policy. These recommendations should reflect the University's Statements of Mission and Vision, the deliberations and decisions of campus committees, the actions of the Board of Regents, the President of the University, and the CU-Colorado Springs Chancellor. In addition to their advisory role to the Chancellor, all Committee members should consider themselves to be advisors to the general campus community about the nature and state of the budget and the budget process.

University Staff's representatives to UBAC serve a 3 -year term. Currently University Staff representatives are:

Gregory Hoye x 3647 ghoye@uccs.edu  End of UBAC 2017-18

Paul Mendoza x 3220 pmendoza@uccs.edu  End of UBAC 2018-19

TBD x  TBD  End of UBAC 2019-20


Classified Staff's representatives to UBAC serve a 3 -year term.  Currently Classified Staff representatives are:

Jane Muller x4093jmuller@uccs.edu End of UBAC 2018-19

Stephen Werling x 3329 swerling@uccs.edu  End of UBAC 2018-19



More information on UBAC is available at //www.uccs.edu/vcaf/budget-transparency/ubac