Pay and Benefits Committees

Pay and Benefits Advisory Committee(s)

There are 2 separate committees - one for State Classified and one for University Staff.

Chair - Pay and Benefits Advisory Committee - Classified Staff - Stephanie Smith x8115

Members: Rose Johnson, Rosemary Kelbel, Carol Pina, Martin Toetz

Chair - Pay and Benefits Advisory Committee - University Staff - Mallory Barger x 7513

Members: Sabrina Weinholtz, Alejandro DeJesus, Aaron Burton, Kristy Hignite


The following outlines the operation/purpose of the committee(s):

  1. The committee shall consist of 4 members in addition to the elected chair.
  2. Committee members shall be appointed by the Staff Association Executive Board (SAEB).  The Chair is an elected position.
  3. The SAEB shall first appoint Classified/University Staff members of the SAEB as committee members. In the event, there are insufficient Classified/University Staff SAEB members to fill the committee, the SAEB shall solicit volunteers from the Classified/University Staff at large and appoint them to the committee.
  4. The Classified/University Pay and Benefits Committee shall solicit input from and report directly to the Chancellor.
  5. The Chair shall keep the SAEB informed with regards to committee proceedings.
  6. The committee shall review and provide advice in a timely manner consistent with the needs of the University and the SAEB.
  7. In addition to addressing issues referred to the committee for review, the committee shall also solicit input from Classified/University Staff, identify areas of concern with respect to pay and benefits, and report such concerns and associated recommendations to the Chancellor.
  8. The committee must meet at least quarterly.