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The abundance and expansion of nonprofit and government entities is making Southern Colorado a hub for careers in the public sector. As the need for qualified workers to fill these roles has risen, a public university in Southern Colorado specializing in these fields has become even more crucial. That’s where the UCCS School of Public Affairs comes in.

A substantial portion of the Colorado Springs Police Department command staff received their master’s degree from the School of Public Affairs, and an increasing number of local nonprofit executives have come to UCCS to get their Master of Public Administration. Your contribution to the School of Public Affairs sends a message of support for Southern Colorado’s public sector.


How To Support The School Of Public Affairs:

School of Public Affairs

To provide support for the School of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Public Safety Initiative Fund

To provide funding for evidence-based training and education services by the School of Public Affairs at UCCS to law enforcement agencies and communities with a focus on Colorado and neighboring western states.

John Suthers Scholarship Endowment Fund

To provide a resource for meritorious scholarships for Junior and Senior undergraduates enrolled in School of Publics Affairs at University of Colorado Colorado Springs

A Word from the Chancellor:

“The School of Public Affairs is one of the fastest growing academic units in the fastest growing university of the University of Colorado System. We have a bright future, but we need the support of alumni and our community to reach our full potential. Philanthropy provides the margin of excellence for our school and helps students who seek to transform lives through public service. There are few things more noble than helping someone achieve their educational goals when they might otherwise not be able. Your help will make a difference.”


Ways To Give:

Make a gift to the School of Public Affairs online via credit card or debit card by selecting your area of interest from our online giving portal.

Call the Development Office at (719) 255-5100.

Make your check out to the “CU Foundation” with the name of the fund in the memo box and send to the following address. If you have no fund in particular in mind, you can leave the memo space blank or choose a fund from our priority funds (listed above).

University Development
1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Designate your gift to the area that matters most to you by leaving a lasting legacy at the School of Public Affairs. Making a gift in your will or living trust allows donors to make larger gifts than they otherwise might be able to give from their income alone. Learn more about the many benefits of planned giving, such as life-long income and tax benefits that can better provide for your heirs by minimizing impact on your estate. For more information visit the UCCS Planned Giving website, or contact or (719) 255-5100.

Gifts made in memory or in honor of a family member, teacher, student, or friend are generous and thoughtful ways to remember a person’s life and accomplishments. You can specify this when giving online or you can mention it to a member of our Advancement team when arranging to make a gift with their assistance.

Many employers allow tax-deductible giving through payroll deductions. Additionally, if you or your spouse are employed by a company that provides a matching gift program, your contribution to the School of Public Affairs could be significantly supported. Check with your employer to see if you qualify.

You can choose to support the School of Public Affairs in many other ways like donating property, stocks, bonds, real estate, or gifts-in-kind. Contact or (719) 255-5100 for more information.