Mike Martinez

Mike Martinez Portrait

Mike Martinez

MCJ, Senior Instructor and BACJ Director
School of Public Affairs

ACAD 306
1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Office Hours :
Wednesday: 7:30am-11:30am | & by appointment

Biographical Information

Mr. Martinez is a graduate of Metropolitan State College. He received a Master of Criminal Justice degree from the University of Colorado - Denver. Mr. Martinez is a Colorado native with extensive experience in corrections, including jails, prisons and community based corrections. Mr. Martinez's career in corrections includes employment as a deputy sheriff with the Denver Sheriff's Department, an adult probation officer with the Fourth Judicial District Probation Department, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and as a United States Probation Officer for the District of Colorado. In his capacity as a United States Probation officer, Mr. Martinez served as a line officer, the District's Special Offender Specialist, Supervisor and, for six and a half years prior to his retirement in December 2000, as the Deputy Chief. During his 22 year career of federal service as a Supervisor and Deputy Chief, Mr. Martinez worked closely with the Federal Bureau of Prison and state and local correctional officials.

Mr. Martinez began teaching in May 2001, with the Criminal Justice and Criminology Department at Metropolitan State College of Denver. He also taught as an Honorarium Instructor for the School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, during the fall 2001 term. Mr. Martinez began teaching for the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs School of Public Affairs in August 2009.

Mr. Martinez first became interested in criminal justice in high school. During one of his social science classes, a guest speaker from the Colorado State Parole Department talked about his work as a parole officer and about receiving a degree in criminal justice. During Mr. Martinez's senior year of college, he completed an internship with the Denver Adult Probation Department. The excellent work experience he gained from that internship allowed him to pursue his career goal. For Mr. Martinez teaching has been an extension of his career in corrections. The experience gained during his career has allowed him to incorporate application of theory with practice of real world experiences. Unfortunately, as long as there is crime, there will be a need for criminal justice practitioners. Providing students with the educational experience necessary to pursue a career in the field of criminal justice is a job Mr. Martinez enjoys.

Mr. Martinez's view of his job as an instructor for the School of Public Affairs:

"I view it not as a job, but a hobby I thoroughly enjoy. My goal while teaching at the UCCS School of Public Affairs is developing internship programs for criminal justice students."

Areas of Interest

  • Internship placement
  • Ethics
  • Institutional and community-based corrections
  • Gangs and criminal organizations