UCCS School of Public Affairs sign and Academic Office Building with Pikes Peak


Apply to UCCS School of Public Affairs

We believe every stakeholder (students, faculty, staff, alumni, the CU system and communities throughout Southern Colorado and beyond) engaged with the UCCS School of Public Affairs (SPA) can play a part in transforming our world. Our stakeholders bring their passions, goals, and eagerness to engage.

The UCCS School of Public Affairs provides a collaborative environment and an unprecedented combination of rigorous academics, relevant research, practical application, and partnership networks that create the knowledge, skills, experience, and connections needed to create significant impact.

A unique balance of theory and real-world application is delivered not only through curriculum and class interaction, it is also represented by the make-up of carefully chosen faculty and staff as well as through SPA partnerships to stay on the cutting edge of the industries for which it supplies leaders. SPA takes an integrated approach connecting all of its programs under the Public Affairs umbrella including public administration and public service, public finance, public and nonprofit management, social and public policy, criminology and criminal justice, ethics and leadership, and homeland security and defense.

The UCCS School of Public Affairs is poised to deliver knowledge, research, and leaders ready and able to create significant impacts that ensure a resilient community and world.