Social Media Policy

If you are responsible for managing or maintaining a UCCS institutional account, you are required to complete a social media terms and conditions form and attend a training session. The form and training dates can be found at:

While UCCS does not limit the private use of social media, it is important to realize that the same laws, professional expectations, and guidelines for interacting with students, parents, alumni, donors, media, and other university constituents apply online as in person. As a university employee, you represent UCCS both in and outside of your office and classroom and are responsible for anything posted on your personal social media sites. Policies and procedures include but are not limited to:

The UCCS Social Media Policy 800-002 is hosted on the VCAF Policies website and can be directly downloaded as a PDF. It is reproduced below.

Social Media Policy 800-002


The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs recognizes that social media platforms provide unique opportunities to participate in interactive discussions and share information. However, the use of social media can pose risks to the university's confidential and proprietary information, reputation, and can compromise the university's compliance with laws and regulations. To minimize these risks, the procedures set forth herein must be followed by colleges, departments, organizations, clubs, employees, and students who create an Official UCCS Social Media Site or use Social Media for Official UCCS Communications.


Authority for the creation of campus administrative policies is found in The Laws of the Regents, 1990, Article 3 Section B.8, which states:

The chancellor of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs shall be the chief academic and administrative officer responsible to the president for the conduct of affairs of the Colorado Springs campus in accordance with the policies of the Board of Regents. The chancellor shall have such other responsibilities as may be required by these Laws, the Board, and as may be delegated by the president.


The purpose of this policy is set forth the procedures that must be followed to establish an Official UCCS Social Media Site or page, or use Social Media for Official UCCS Communications.


A. Content Owner means the individual responsible for monitoring and maintaining an Official UCCS Social Media Site.

B. Social Media means technology tools and online spaces for integrating and sharing user-generated content in order to engage in conversation and to participate in content and community creation. Examples of Social Media Platforms include but are not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, podcasts, wikis and blogs.

C. Official UCCS Communications means communications done in the name of UCCS.

D. Official UCCS Social Media Site means a Social Media site that is done in the name of UCCS.


A. Official UCCS Communications on Social Media Sites

  1. Because of the emerging nature of Social Media this policy does not attempt to name every current and emerging platform. Rather, it applies to those social media platforms cited and any other online platform available and emerging including social networking sites and sites with user-generated content. Examples of Social Media include but are not limited to the following:Official UCCS Social Media Sites can only be initiated and authorized through the UCCS Office of University Advancement. There cannot be an Official UCCS Social Media Site or page unless it is developed or authorized by the UCCS Office of University Advancement. Any Official Social Media Sites or pages which do not receive prior authorization will be subject to review when discovered and may be amended or removed.
    1. YouTube
    2. Facebook
    3. iTunes (podcasts)
    4. LinkedIn
    5. Twitter
    6. Blogs
    7. Professional and Institutional list-serves
  2. Official UCCS Social Media Sites may have pages or content areas that are assigned to departments, divisions, organizations or programs at UCCS.
  3. University departments, programs, student groups, or others who create an Official UCCS Social Media Site, are responsible for naming a Content Owner who is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the site. The Content Owner's responsibilities include the following:Content Owners are required to sign a Content Owner Terms and Conditions Form prior to creating an Official UCCS Social Media Site or using Social Media for Official UCCS Communication. This form will be maintained by the UCCS Office of University Advancement.
    1. Monitoring content for correctness and accuracy.
    2. Monitoring communications for acceptability in the UCCS workplace and campus community.
    3. Protecting confidential information and intellectual property rights of others and the university. Proprietary or confidential financial, intellectual property, confidential student information or other sensitive or private content may not be posted.
    4. Monitoring and removing content that is illegal, obscene, defamatory, harassing, discriminatory, threatening, infringing on the intellectual property rights of others, or an invasion of privacy.
    5. Obtaining the expressed consent of all involved parties prior to distribution or publication of recordings, photos, images, videos, text, slideshow presentations, artwork and advertisements whether those rights are purchased or obtained without compensation.
    6. Monitoring content for compliance with all federal and state laws, regulations and university policies and removing content that does not comply.
  4. Social Media may be used by faculty and staff for teaching and educational purposes. However, the use of Social Media may not be a required component of any course or educational program. All use of Social Media by students, faculty, and staff, must be completely voluntary.

B. Guidelines for Online Professional or Personal Activity Social Media allows UCCS faculty, staff, and students to engage in professional and personal conversations. The attached guidelines include recommendations for faculty, staff and students who identify themselves with UCCS and/or use their UCCS email address when using Social Media. These guidelines are advisory in nature only.

C. Applicable University Policies

Social Media usage at UCCS is governed by the same policies that govern all other communications and behavior. The following policies should be reviewed prior to engaging in Official UCCS Social Media use or Official UCCS Social Media Communications:

  • Regent Policy 1.C. Principles of Ethical Behavior
  • Regent Policy 10.E. Political Participation by the University Community
  • Regent Policy 14.A. Use of University Seal
  • Administrative Policy Statement Use of Electronic Mail
  • Administrative Policy Statement Conflict of Interest and Commitment
  • UCCS Policy 100-02 Campus and Mountain Lion Logo
  • UCCS Policy 700-02 Responsible Computing
  • UCCS Sexual Harassment Policy
  • UCCS Nondiscrimination Statement


All University departments, employees, and students are responsible for complying with this policy.




  • Social Media Guidelines
  • Content Owner Terms and Conditions