Institutional Account Application

Example: “We produce [ADJECTIVE] content that is intended to [GOAL] and [GOAL] for [AUDIENCE]. We typically publish this content [NUMBER] times per week.”

Channel Owner Information

Channel owners must be a permanent UCCS employee and have completed an official UCCS social media training with University Communications. Student employess may not be channel owners.
Must be a email address
Must be a UCCS phone number

Channel Manager Information

If different than Channel Owner
Must be a UCCS phone number

Channel Owner Terms and Conditions

As the Channel Owner for an Official UCCS Social Media Account, I agree to be responsible for and ensure the following:

  • That all posted content is current and accurate
  • Communications are appropriate for UCCS workplace and campus community
  • That confidential information and intellectual property rights of others and the university are protected
  • Posted content is not illegal, obscene, defamatory, harassing, discriminatory, or threatening
  • Proper permission is obtained for the posting of recordings photos, images, videos, text or artwork
  • Posted content complies with all federal and state laws, regulations and university policies

As the Channel Owner for an Official UCCS Social Media Account, I acknowledge that posting the following types of content are not permitted:

  • Libelous statements about any UCCS affiliate, including academic and administrative departments, staff, faculty, students, or members of the Colorado Springs community
  • Confidential information
  • Inaccurate or untrue information

I agree to monitor the site on a regular basis and remove any content that does not comply with the above. I will notify University Communications and Media Relations if the Channel Owner or Channel Manager(s) change or if the channel becomes inactive.

I am a member of the UCCS
I have read the UCCS Social Media Policy
I have completed an official UCCS Social Media Training
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