Sociology Capstone Requirement

The sociology department has changed the capstone requirement for the sociology major.   
Starting in Fall 2016, sociology majors will be able to choose between two "tracks" to complete the capstone requirement, a regular track and a honors track. 

Regular track - student will take one  (typically 4000 level) course specifically identified as a "capstone flag" course.  Courses that are capstone-flagged will all include some sort of individual primary research project. A course can be identified as both "substantive" and "capstone-flagged"-in which case it will fulfill both requirements (double-dipping is ok). Courses taken prior to Fall 2016 cannot count as "capstone-flagged." Please see the attached list of "substantive" and "capstone-flagged" courses. 

Honors track - student will sign up for 4980 and 4990 with a specific professor, who will be their advisor for a year-long research project run more like an independent study (but using the 4980/4990 course numbers). Upon successful completion, they will graduate with departmental honors. Students interested in completing an honors project will complete the Honors Capstone form with their advisor. 

Capstone-flagged courses