Joining the Professional Sociological Community

Sociological & Social Science Associations Annual Conferences (selected):

American Sociological Association [ASA]

Society for the Study of Social Problems [SSSP]

Western Social Science Association [WSSA]

Southwestern Social Science Association (SSSA)

Southwestern Sociological Association [SSA]

Association of Black Sociologists [ABS]

Pacific Sociological Association [PSA]

Sociologists for Women in Society [SWS]

Midwestern Sociological Society [MSS]

White Privilege Conference

Society for Disability Studies Conference [SDS]

National Association for Ethnic Studies [NAES]

National Women’s Studies Association [NWSA]

In addition to going to conferences, I recommend joining associations (in particular, the ASA) and sections within them. When you do this, you get on that section’s list serve.

  • Aging and the Life Course
  • Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco
  • Altruism and Social Solidarity
  • Animals and Society
  • Asia and Asian America
  • Body and Embodiment
  • Children and Youth
  • Collective Behavior & Social Movements
  • Communication and I.T.
  • Community and Urban Sociology
  • Comparative and Historical Sociology
  • Crime, Law and Deviance
  • Culture
  • Economic Sociology
  • Education
  • Emotions
  • Environment and Technology
  • Ethnomethodology
  • Evolution, Biology, and Society
  • Family
  • History of Sociology
  • Human Rights
  • International Migration
  • Labor and Labor Movements
  • Latino / a Sociology
  • Law
  • Marxist Sociology
  • Mathematical Sociology
  • Medical Sociology
  • Mental Health
  • Methodology
  • Organizations, Occupations, and Work
  • Peace, War and Social Conflict
  • Political Economy of the World-System
  • Political Sociology
  • Population
  • Race, Gender, and Class
  • Racial and Ethnic Minorities
  • Religion
  • Science, Knowledge, and Technology
  • Sex and Gender
  • Sexualities
  • Social Psychology
  • Sociological Practice and Public Sociology
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Theory