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Beginning this fall, the Statmobile is dropping off some truth about impaired driving habits. A recent campus survey found 2 of 3 UCCS students take action so they won’t drive impaired.

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#SmartMoveUCCS is a four-year social norming campaign on impaired driving created to close perceptual gaps that often exist on a college campus. Click the image above to learn how social norms can create positive behavior change. 

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This campaign is funded through the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health by the state’s Persistent Drunk Driver Committee (PDD). For more information and resources on impaired driving, visit

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While the average cost of a DUI in Colorado is $13,530 UCCS students know there are costly effects, like losing financial aid or scholarships. 3 out of 4 UCCS students take action to prevent impaired driving before drinking, including using alternative transportation. Click the image above to find a safe ride in Colorado Springs.