Frequently Asked Questions



Service-Learning connects the concepts in the classroom to service experiences in the community. Service-Learning courses enhance your classroom learning by providing you with opportunities to learn from the "textbook" of the community. So you learn by doing!

An internship is a substantive learning experience where you are supervised by a mentor at the organization and you contribute meaningfully to the work of the organization. Internships give you opportunities to gain valuable applied experience and make connections in your professional field.

Volunteering is performing some service or philanthropic work of your own free will and without pay. The service can be done on a regular, one-time, or sporadic basis.

  • Internships generally benefit the student (the "provider" of service).
  • Volunteerism generally benefits the community organization/service site ("recipient" of service).
  • Service-learning courses benefit both the student and the community organization/service site equally.
  • Service-learning is done through a course, for credit; Internships can be for credit/no credit and be paid/unpaid.
  • Volunteering can be done during any time in life. You can volunteer on your own or with a group or club.
  • Service-learning and Internships provide guided learning toward a deeper understanding, whereas in volunteering, learning is self-guided.
  • Service-learning and Internships lead to career and professional development, which is not always true for volunteering.

These are courses where community service is integrated with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience. It is a structured learning experience that combines community service with preparation and reflection. Here is a list of LAS service-learning courses.


To find a site of interest, click on the "Community Partner Directory"  page. If you find a site that's not listed in the Directory, you can choose that site, as long as your professor(s) approves of your choice, and as long as this site agrees to meet your learning objectives. Let SLICE know about your placement so the site can be added to the Community Partner Directory.

Here is a list of LAS internship courses.

You can also pursue internships on your own by consulting published guides (e.g., Peterson's Internships; Vault Guide to Top Internships) or you can search for internships on the Web as well (e.g., or The UCCS Career Center also posts internship opportunities. If your department does not offer internship courses and you want credit, go to LAS Extended Studies and enroll in ID 3660. is a very helpful website showing career areas and the types of employers that hire people with each major. It's a great resource for internship sites and overall career planning. is another website showing salaries for different majors.