Simulation Technology

Below you will find just some of the technology implemented in the Simulation Center. We are constantly evaluating and updating with the newest technology possible.



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SimMan 3G on bed On the left is SimMan 3G. Manufactured by Laerdal, this is our most advanced simulation manikin. He is able to provide a variety of physiological responses including but not limited to: Bleeding, Sweating, seizures, and different cardiac episodes.

On the right is SimMan Essentials, our newest addition. He provides us with a full complement of state of the art features.
SimMan Essentials program


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Mother and child on bedn manikins To the left are Noelle and her new born baby provided by Gaumard. They are used by the Beth-El Simulation Learning Center to provide realistic labor and delivery scenarios as well as postpartum and newborn emergencies.

On the right, five year old Hal is used to provide the responses of a child in medical situations. He includes a variety of responses physiologically through different sounds in his chest, lungs, and bowels, as well as speech responses appropriate to a five year old.
Gaumard Hal 5 year old

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The online management of our videos and student assignments is accomplished with Simulation IQ, provided in collaboration with Education Management Solutions (EMS).

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Education Management Solutions
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