Message from SGA President & Vice President

Dear Proud Mountain Lions, 


“Wow” – Post Malone. My name is JayJay Porcadilla and it is my outstanding privilege to serve as your Student Body President for the academic school year 2019-2020, alongside my Vice President Philip Oke-Thomas. We have many goals and many aspirations for you all and cannot wait to meet you and see you succeed here at UCCS.  

Philip and I have called UCCS our home for the past few years- now we cannot wait to welcome you home. As Mountain Lions, we should look towards the sun and roar as loud as we can, never stopping, never settling for less, and making the world what we want, always strive for your goals. Projecting our vision to incorporate a transcendent level of community at our school. As well as continuing the great strides; leadership, diversity, academic success, and SCHOOL SPIRIT #GoMountainLions As the students of UCCS, we are eager to share everything that UCCS has to offer. 

As Part of the Colorado Springs community and the UCCS campus community, you have become embedded into this new culture. A culture where we take a stance on freedom of thought and expression, but always be kind and mindful of our new home. We want to build a community where everyone feels safe, wanted, and valued. So, Mountain Lions lets us get ready for a prideful year as Philip and I are determined and dedicated to all of you students!

Mountain Lion Love, 

Your Student Body President & Vice President 

JayJay Porcadilla & Philip Oke-Thomas

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