SEAS Events

past years' events:

Waldo Canyon Fire Workday  ~ Friday Oct 19

  Summer 2012 Yawn Valley Student Garden and Market: Market Mondays ~ 8:30-10:00 a.m. UC Upper Plaz

Market Aug 27  herb spiral 4    

farmageddon flyer

"Hanging Out Day" @ Earth Day 2012

hanging out hankies hanging out clothes

"Hanging Out Day" @ Earth Day 2012
Becca Howard ~ artist ~ her hand-dyed hankies for clothing

SEAS lunch @ Heller with Doug Fine Sept 27, 2011

doug fine

Doug Fine, author of Farewell my Subaru:
"One man tries to kick oil, live locally, and keep his goats out of the rose bushes."
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Making our Garden Grow 2011


Sept 23 Heller Harvest Moon Dinner 2010


the harvest

garden1 garden2

then sharing the season's bounty

group 1 

  May 8, 2010 Garden Irrigation Arrives!

A HUGE thanks to Joe Dixon of Dixon Irrigation Services
for donating his time and expertise!

DSCN557 DSCN575 

 DSCN 560 DSCN552 

April 16-17, 2010 Garden Planting Day

A HUGE thanks to Wayne, Asia, and Kim at Good Earth Garden Center for the seeds, plants and expert advice:
good earth wayne asia kim

Briana and Patrick celebrating the birth...

 Briana bountiful cropped

Feb 13, 2010 Garden Work Day
we shoveled TONS of dirt from pile to beds

dirt moving FEB

Work Day: Raising the Beds


Hanging Out Day 
April 19, 2010

Hanging Out Volleyball

Finding the garden location 

GardenBriana  Garden Boys