About SEAS

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Students for Environmental Awareness and Sustainability

About the Organization

Students for Environmental Awareness and Sustainability was formed in April 2003 when a group of students from CU-Colorado Springs attended a sustainability conference at CU-Boulder. The students recognized that UCCS could benefit from the implementation of sustainable practices. They decided to form an organization to work toward creating a more conscientious campus community with regard to conservation of resources and creative, efficient ways of using them. The goal was to educate the campus about the meaning of sustainability, take steps toward making the campus more efficient and conscientious, and save resources and money.  SEAS held a kickoff event in September 2003. Since then, involvement in the club has grown and we have taken positive steps toward raising awareness and implementing sustainable practices on the campus. Visit the Fall 2003 Kickoff Event, Photo Gallery, and Campus Initiatives links to learn more!