Online Services

We want to make getting tutoring easy, and we realize that some students can't come to campus as much as they would like. Other students may need help at times the Science Center is closed. In the past we've offered online tutoring in General Chemistry 1 and 2 (Chem 1401/1411), Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 (Chem 3101/3111), and both algebra-based and calculus-based physics (PES 1010/1020. 1110/1120). We're happy to continue provide online tutoring in these classes if students would like this service. Please let us know. You can email Dr. Phillips or stop by his office (CENT 204C) if you're on campus.

You need to install Blackboard IM on your computer and create an account. You can find the link to Blackboard IM on your Blackboard dashboard. Look for this link in the upper left of the page. Link to Blackboard IMClick on the link to Get Blackboard IM, download, and install. Follow these instructions. Once your IM account is created, logon, and then click on the School tab at the top of Blackboard IM. Click on the link to the Science Center. We'll monitor for signins and provide help as soon as we can. For more about using Blackboard IM, check out the this information at the Faculty Resource Center site.

You can use a desktop or laptop computer, or a tablet, as long as you install the Blackboard IM client. Because we tutor, and because tutoring is interactive, it is very helpful to have an input device, such as a pen, that allows easy entry of information of Blackboard IM's whiteboard. It also is helpful to have headphones to minimize feedback from the audio of the session.

You can email Dr. Phillips with questions, or call if you prefer (719-255-3649). If you're on campus, stop by his office (CENT 204C). Let us know what we can do to help.