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As UCCS transitions to online instruction, the Science Center will continue to provide students in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics with academic support. The same staff you've come to know in the SC will support the same classes, but tutoring will be done online through Microsoft Teams. We'll provide updates on this site and through your class site on Canvas shortly, so watch for them. You can email me with questions and concerns at jphillip@uccs.edu. We'll work with you to meet and overcome the challenges we all face this semester. We'll get through this together.

NOTE: Starting Wednesday, March 18, tutors will be available Monday – Thursday from 8:00am – midnight, Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm, and Sunday from 1:00pm – midnight. NO CODES are necessary to join a team. Rather students should open Teams, and then in the Search box that appears in the upper right corner of the landing page the students should type “Science Center.”  Alternatively, if the box in the upper right corner indicates “Join or create team,” click on that box. It will take you to a page with the search box. Searching will take you to a page with eight Teams, each devoted to a specific course or several related courses. Students should click on the Team that corresponds with the course for which they’re seeking help. Please note that the Team for HPNU 3050/3060 (Anatomy & Physiology) is being run by folks from HPNU, not the Science Center.

We are available to help you during spring break, March 23 - March 29!

Dr. Jerry L. Phillips

News and Announcements

Over the winter break we've installed electrical outlets for you. Each table has multiple outlets available, so bring in your laptops and work without interruption.
Tutoring for Chem 1001, 1201/1211, 1401/1411, and Biol 1300/1350 students
If you're taking one of these chemistry or biology classes, our instructional room, CENT 202, is reserved for you! Come in, grab a seat, study, and if you need help, tutors are available to help. Of course, our main room and computers are still available to you as well. Let us know what we can do to help.
Did you know...
students who come to the Science Center on the average do better by ONE FULL LETTER GRADE than students who do not? It's true! We're a great place to study and relax...and yes, we provide the best help available if you need it. Come see what we can do for you.
Check out our anatomy models!
If you're taking Biol 2010/2020 or Biol 4350, we have anatomy models to help you study. We have two complete skeletons, muscle models of the arm and leg, models of the liver and gallbladder, kidney, larynx, skull, pelvis, and more. Stop by.
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Do you want to be a tutor in the SC?
If you enjoy helping others understand science as well as you do, perhaps you'd like to work in the Science Center. Stop by and talk with the director to learn what's required.

Starting Monday 3/16 & during spring break

Monday 3/16

Online 8:00am-midnight


Online 8:00am-midnight


Online 8:00am-midnight


Online 8:00am-midnight


Online 8:00am-5:00pm




Online 1:00pm-midnight