Krista Engle, BA

Krista Engle

Krista Engle, BA

PhD Student, Clinical Psychology


Krista Engle, BA is a 4th year graduate student in the Trauma track of the Clinical Psychology PhD program at UCCS and a member of Kristi’s lab. Prior to attending UCCS, she received her BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania (Class of 2013). After graduation, Krista worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator at the Children’s National Health System in Washington, DC and as a Research Assistant with the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress (CSTS) in Bethesda, MD.

She aspires to improve the treatment of trauma-related outcomes through her research by identifying unique factors that contribute to specific clinical trajectories. Krista's thesis is an exploration of the roles of emotion regulation and psychological flexibility in the development of complex trauma sequelae. Clinically, she is a third-year practicum student at the Ivy Clinic at Fort Carson and the Veterans Health and Trauma Clinic

In her free time, Krista likes to go hiking, cook new recipes, watch Friends, drink wine, love on other people’s dogs, and swing dance!