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Welcome to the Sponsored Projects Accounting Controller's Office Home Page. Links and publications related to Sponsored Projects Accounting at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs are listed below.

Sponsored Projects Accounting Links and Publications

Allowable Costs for Projects Starting 12/26/2016 and Later

Allowable Costs for Projects Starting Prior to 12/26/2016 Award Closeout Tool

Certifying ePER Process 

Codes Excluded Colleges and Universities Rate Agreement Cost Transfer Form Federal Register – Uniform Guidance Generating a Report of Individuals with Outstanding (ePERs) Instructions for Completion of ePERs Letter of Certification for ePERs Memorandum National Science Foundation (NSF): Grant Policy Manual Procedure on Cost Transfers Sponsored Projects Accounting Responsibilities Subrecipient Invoice Approval Subrecipient Monitoring Procedures Subrecipient Monitoring Procedures - Invoice Review UCCS Personnel Effort Reporting (ePER) Certification Process White House: Circular A-21- Cost Principles for Educational Institutions



Our Transparency Online Project system went live on the web on September 1, 2009. It was created under a Governor’s Executive Order and separately mandated by House Bill 09-1288. For more information please see the following link:

Policy Title: Roles and Responsibilities for Sponsored Programs Administration:

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