Ever wonder what an acronym stands for?

Below is a brief list of acronyms that are commonly used within the Controller's Office. 

Acronym Definition
ACC Accrual
ACX Accrual Reversal
AP Accounts Payable
AR Accounts Receivable
AY Academic Year
BJE Budget Journal Entry
CIW Central Information Warehouse
COFRS Colorado Reporting System
CR Credit
DHHS Department of Health and Human Services
DOD Department of Defense
DR Debit
EPER Electronic Personnel Effort Reporting
F&A Facilities and Administration
FTE Full-Time Equivalent
FY Fiscal Year
FYE Fiscal Year End
GAR General Administrative Recharge
GIK Gift in Kind
GL General Ledger
HRMS Human Resource Management System
ICR Indirect Cost Recovery (Same as F&A)
IN Interdepartmental Invoice
IRM Information Resource Management
ISA Internal Service Activities
ISC Internal Service Center
JE Journal Entry
OF Official Function
OMB U.S. Office of Management & Budget
OUC Office of University Controller
PET Payroll Expense Transfer
PI Principal Investigator
PIE Pooled Investment Earnings
PO Purchase Order
PS PeopleSoft
PSAM PeopleSoft Asset Management
PSC Procurement Service Center
PV Payment Voucher
R&R Repair & Replacement
SPO Standing Purchase Order
ST Speedtype
UBAC University Budget Advisory Committee
UBIT Unrelated Business Income Tax
UIS University Information Systems
YE Year End
YTD Year-to-Date


  Org Acronyms
AA Academic Affairs
VCAF VC of Admin and Finance
VCSS Student Success
VCUA University Advancement
VCSI Strategic Initiatives





Last Reviewed on 02/11/2016