Finance/Procurement Access

Access to University of Colorado's financial and procurement systems is managed by the Controller's Office. Prior to being granted access or user permissions within each system, you will be required to complete the appropriate training and request access through the Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) System. Access to the financial and procurement systems may be granted to UCCS employees and its affiliates.

Three Steps to Requesting Access

1) Determine if you need access to either the financial and/or procurement systems.

2) Take online and/or in-person training courses.

3) Submit role request(s) through OIM for approval.


Note: Access to the HR-Human Capital Management (HCM) and Central Information Warehouse (CIW) is not handled through the Controller's Office. If you would like to request access to either of those systems, please review the request instructions provided by the University Information Systems team.


Steps to Request Access to Financial and/or Procurement Systems

1) Determine if you need access to either the financial and/or procurement systems. 

Your supervisor or department administrator will able to assist you in this determination. Procurement primarily occurs through CU Marketplace and Concur while financials are maintained and reported through PeopleSoft Financials and Cognos Reporting. 

CU Marketplac- Central purchasing location where approved individuals can shop for supplies and materials, enter requisitions for purchases, inquire on vendor payments information, and approve expenses.

Concur - Travel and Expense management system. Concur is used to book travel as well as track and manage purchases that have been expensed to either a Travel Card or Procurement Card (P-Card)

PeopleSoft Financials - The General Ledger (GL) for the University in which journal entries can be created and queried. System is also used to identify ChartField Information (such as Speedtypes, Orgs, Etc.)

Cognos Reporting - Financial reporting system that provides the ability to run and view financial reports (aka m-Fin reports)


 2) Take online and/or in-person training courses required for the System Role you are requesting.

To determine which type of access you need and what the associated training requirements are, review the access charts below. Online training as well as enrollment for In-Person training can be accessed through SkillSoft

Finance SystemCommercial CardsCU Marketplace

3) Once you have completed the appropriate training, submit a request through OIM.

CU upgraded to a new version of CU Identity Manager. This new upgraded system includes a new tile-based self-service interface, allowing for an easy-to-use user experience. Learn more on our upgrade webpage.

Once you are logged into OIM, locate the role(s) you need and add them to your shopping cart. Once all the roles are added to the cart, you may submit the cart. The role requests will then be submitted to your supervisor/sponsor for approval. Once your supervisor/sponsor has approved the requests, they will be submitted to UCCS' Finance and Procurement Access Coordinator.  

How to Guides:

Our new How to Guides will help make this upgrade seamless for all users:


Skillsoft is a Learning Management System utilized by the University of Colorado, provides online training courses and enrollment for instructor-led (in-person) courses that are required by federal, state, and/or university requirements. 

Accessing SkillSoft

1) Login to the UCCS Portal:
2) Select the CU Resources tab at the top of the page.
3) In the navigation bar, click Training and select "Start SkillSoft"
4) Selecting a Course
     a. For In-Person Finance Training, Select CU Instructor Led Training Folder> UCCS > Finance
     b. For Online Training, Select the University of Colorado-UCCS Folder                                                               
            i. Finance Folder- Fiscal Code of Ethics, Financial Inquiry,  and General Ledger                                                             
            ii. Procurement Folder - Contains courses for Concur, CU Marketplace, Procurement Cards (P-Cards), and Travel Cards. 

For additional help navigating to or around SkillSoft, click here to check out the quick start guide!


Additional Resources

Claiming Your UCCS Account:

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SkillSoft Guide:

UIS Access Forms & Guides:

System Access Roles & Courses (Printable Version):   Adobe PDF


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Last Reviewed on 03/11/2016