Annual Budget Reviews


Annual Budget Reviews

* 1/13/2020 update *

2020 Annual Budget Reviews Departmental Time Schedule*

*Please note that this schedule may be subject to change. 

Save These Dates - The FY 2020 Annual Budget Reviews are currently scheduled for all day February 17th-19th, 2020, in UC 116. We expect that the format and content of this year's reviews will differ from previous years. Please stay tuned for additional information in the upcoming weeks.


FY19 ABRS Info:
** The next Annual Budget Review sessions will take place all day Tues & Wed Jan 29-30, 2019, in UC116. There is also a third day scheduled for Friday Feb 15th in Dwire 204 when auxiliary units will present. This event is open to all staff, faculty, and students at UCCS. ** 

Frequently Asked Questions:

The budget request slides are titled "Justification Form for...", although there is no place to enter the actual "justification" for the request, only the specifics of the request.
How does one actually provide the justification? As part of our verbal presentation? On another slide?
The ABRs schedule seems to have changed a lot from previous years. I don't see my department on the schedule this year.
When will my department have an opportunity to present?
Budget Reviews
What if the financial information on the budget sheets sent by the Budget Office does not match what the department shows on their own records?

To streamline our office's responses, please send all requests via email to our department address at

Annual Budget Reviews (ABRs) were introduced in 2004 and are currently conducted once a year and involve the Vice Chancellors, the Budget and Planning Office, and UCCS college and department fiscal managers and department heads. The UCCS Chancellor's Cabinet is updated on budget data using a retrospective model, from all of the colleges and departments. Presenters also have the opportunity to propose new campus funding requests.
The ABR process also allows for an open and focused discussion about college/department/unit objectives and associated budget implications. Deans, fiscal managers, and department directors have the chance to discuss organizational challenges, opportunities, and trends. The Vice Chancellors have the opportunity to discover information about departments and colleges that do not report to them. Further, this process greatly assists the Leadership Team in developing a global picture of campus issues and new budgetary needs.
The Budget and Planning Office is responsible for providing financial data to the units to prepare the necessary worksheets for the reviews. The Annual Budget Reviews are open to all the campus.

**updated 1/13/2020- SR