Annual Budget Reviews

** The next Annual Budget Review sessions will take place Jan 29th, 30th, and 31st, 2018, in UC116. ** 


Final Department Time Schedule Presentation Slide Templates Nov 27th Informational Meeting Presentation Slides and Financial Template Examples


Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: The budget request slides are titled "Justification Form for...", although there is no place to enter the actual "justification" for the request, only the specifics of the request. How does one actually provide the justification? As part of our verbal presentation? On another slide? 
A: Please see the updated slides on our website that include an area to add justifications. Please be careful that your text size does not become too small to be readable in the presentation view.


Q: Can you confirm if we are allowed to add additional slides beyond these templates for our overall presentation? 
A: Please only use the template sides for these presentations- e.g., the slides that are sent from the budget office containing your financial information, the justification slides requesting new position or non-position funding, and the "Highlights, Issues, and Concerns" slides. We are trying to have layout consistency with all colleges and departments during these presentations. 
Please use the "Highlights, Issues, and Concerns" template for any additional information that you would like presented to LT. There is no limit to the number of slides per department, but please remember that there is a daily timeline that must be followed, and that you are required to keep your presentation within your individual time slot as scheduled. 


Q: Are all "Highlights, Issues, and Concerns" slides required to use a "bullet list" formatting style as shown on the template slide? Also, are there any font style or size requirements? 
A: You are welcome to use graphs, pictures, or other formatting styles on these slides. We request that you please use the "Arial Black" font for text. We do not require a specific font size, but we will contact you during our review stage if any font appears too small for the presentations. Also, we do ask that you please use the format provided in the templates for the budget request slides. 


Q: Are the budget request slides due to the Budget Office at the same time the budget templates and other ABRS slides are due?
A: Yes, any budget request slides are due back to the Budget Office at the same time as the budget templates and other slides- by close of business on January 12, 2018. 


Q: What if the financial information on the budget sheets sent by the Budget Office does not match what the department shows on their own records? 
A: Please contact the Budget Office as soon as any discrepancies are noticed, so that we can work with you to get them fixed. To streamline our office's responses, please send all requests via email to our department address at 

          Annual Budget Reviews (ABRs) were introduced in 2004 and are currently conducted once a year and involve the Vice Chancellors, the Director of Resource Management, the Budget and Planning Office, the campus Controller, along with fiscal managers and department heads. The UCCS Leadership Team is updated on issues and concerns from all of the colleges and departments, and presenters have the opportunity to propose new campus funding requests.
          The ABR process also allows for an open and focused discussion about college/department/unit objectives and associated budget implications.  Deans, fiscal managers, and department directors have the chance to discuss organizational challenges, opportunities, and trends.  The Vice Chancellors have the opportunity to discover information about departments and colleges that do not report to them. Further, this process greatly assists the Leadership Team in developing a global picture of campus issues.
             The Budget and Planning Office is responsible for providing financial data to the units to prepare the necessary worksheets for the reviews.  The Annual Budget Reviews are open to all the campus.


 **reviewed 11/27/2016- SR