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UCCS RHA Monetary Co-sponsorship Program Proposal Form

This is the official monetary program proposal form for the for the UCCS Residence Hall Association. All proposals will first be first reviewed by the executive board and then be brought before the general assembly for a vote. Residence Hall Association Constitution Bylaws Article V. Co-sponsorship Section 1: Definition and Process. Co- Sponsorship is defined in two ways: either monetary co-sponsorship (hereafter referred to MC-S) or assistance co- sponsorship (hereafter referred to as AC-S). Monetary co-sponsorship is allocating monetary resources to a program or event. Assistance co-sponsorship is allocating human resources (time, personnel) to a program or event. In order for Co-sponsorship to occur a program proposal shall be submitted to Residence Hall Association Executive Board (RHAEB) and presented to the Residence Hall Association Legislative Assembly (RHALA). RHALA will vote on the proposal and determine the amount of human resources, or monetary resources dealing with co-sponsorships at the discretion of the RHAEB. RHA shall ensure that if they co-sponsor for a program that the programs advertisement have RHA’s brand as symbol of co-sponsorship. The process of program proposal shall be decided upon by the RHAEB at the beginning of the school year. Any changes to the process shall be presented and voted upon by the RHALA. Section 2: Criteria for Co-sponsorship. Proposals must be submitted via the form below to the RHA Advisor(s) at a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the date of the event referred to in the proposal. The RHAEB for assistance co-sponsorship may waive the two week in advance notice at their discretion. Monetary co-sponsorship shall only be available to current residents and current resident assistants living in University campus housing. 

*Email Address
*Housing Village
*Current Date (This proposal form must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to the program)
*Does the program take place on-campus or off-campus:
*Where will your program take place?
*What is the projected attendance of your program?:
*Who will this program be available to?:
*Please provide a detailed description of your program. (Feel free to attach any file with further description)
*If there are any risk factors (i.e. transportation waivers, etc.) please explain how you've addressed those risk factors.
*Amount of funding requested:
*What will the funds be used for?
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