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Residence Life and Housing Posting Policy

The Office of Residence Life and Housing has been given the authority to supervise the use of all bulletin boards, public spaces, and mailboxes within any Student Residential Facility. These areas are different from the rest of the university in that it is home for the residents, and it is our duty to maintain a safe and clean environment for our residents. Thus restrictions are placed on posting in many areas in order to maintain this safe and clean atmosphere.


Only Housing Staff members may post in these areas. All flyers and/or posters must be dropped off at the Village's front desk and will be posted by the proper personnel. Residents may post items on their doors, providing that the door is not permanently marked. Only housing related materials and flyers directly affiliated with a university club, department, or organization can be posted in a residential area. We will need 60 flyers to cover all floors in housing.

The Resident Assistants can make decisions about the Theme of the posting on their floor.

All flyers must be approved by the Residence Life and Housing and posted by Resident Assistants, except for posters on Resident doors.

All posting on walls must be done with masking tape or painters blue tape, any items hung with other materials will be removed.

There is no posting on the outer windows of any door.

No materials may be posted that advertise the use or sale of alcohol, or other illegal substances.

No materials can be posted that are deemed offensive to the Village community.

No materials can be posted for housing rentals, these may be placed in the University Center.

All items must clearly define the following items:
Name of the Student Club, Organization or Department
Contact Person for the Club, Organization or Department
UCCS email contact for the Club, Organization or Department (non-UCCS email addresses will not be accepted)


All items to be stuffed in Mailboxes must meet the above criteria. Items may not be any larger than 1/4 size of a sheet of 8.5 by 11 piece of paper. Any items larger than this size will be subject to approval based on the appropriateness of the item and will be University departments only. For example, campus recreation does a yearly calendar of their events, this makes sense, and would be approved as it takes the place of monthly mailings.

Housing will determine when items are stuffed in mailboxes, so do not drop off items for an event that day, or the next, as we may not get these items placed, although most items are stuffed within 72 hours. All materials must be stuffed by housing personnel.

All items must clearly define the following items:
Name of the Department
Contact for the Department
Contact phone number and email for the Department

Contact us at for the most up to date number of items needed to fill all mailboxes.

Under no circumstances will items be approved from off-campus companies or groups with no affiliation to the University.


Under no circumstances will any groups be allowed to go door to door on campus for any advertising or soliciting purpose, outside of staff members from the Office of Residence Life and Housing. This includes placing flyers on or under doors, writing on white boards, or knocking on doors.


All banners hung on any bridge in the Summit Village Residence Halls must be approved and hung by housing staff. For elections, we will not place banners supporting one candidate unless both candidates choose to do a banner, as we do not want to have residents thinking that the RA's, RHA or the Office of Residence Life and Housing are supporting one candidate versus another.


All outdoor flyers, yard signs and sidewalk chalk must be from groups described in the Mailbox policy. The group must remove their items within 24 hours after the conclusion of the event. Failure to do so may result in a fee being assessed to the group for the removal of these items. Under no circumstances may flyers be taped to resident windows or entry doors. We also ask the groups to use the following guidelines when posting materials:

  • Do not use clear packing style on painted surfaces. It tends to pull off the paint when removed.
  • Do not use duct tape on stucco surfaces, as it tends to damage the stucco.


All advertising in the Lodge and Roaring Fork must be approved by Residence Life. Please submit any postings to the Monarch Housing Office. We will send over approved materials to the Lodge and Roaring Fork for posting. All postings must meet the criteria for residential areas. We have special holders in the lodge for "table tents, 4 ¼ " by 6 ½ " All "table tents" will be removed on Mondays, and can only be up for one week.

Requests for tabling by outside departments, clubs, and organizations and off-campus vendors will not be allowed. The Office of Residence Life and Housing reserves the right to table and program the Lower Lodge or Roaring Fork for housing purposes only.


Page Last Reviewed June 10, 2019