Residence Life Living Learning Community and Theme Community Goals and Vision Statements

Through participation in a themed community, a residential student should:
• Develop a greater understanding of their intended major, career choice, or interest area
• Gain greater and earlier knowledge of what resources and opportunities exist both inside and outside of the University
• Make connections with other students that share similar interests or aspirations, and begin to work together to achieve them
• Gain a greater understanding of how the residential life program enhances their academic success and future potential
• Programming for Theme communities will incorporate the overall Residence Life learning goals of Belonging, Individuality, Citizenship, and Growth, but are more specifically built upon the theme topic. While all residents of the community are invited to all Residence Life programs, programs for themed communities will be designed for this specific community in mind. Trips or larger events will be offered to themed community members first.

Programming may include:
• Special lectures or panel discussions by guest speakers and/or faculty
• Organized trips
• Group study nights
• On campus social activities
• Political issues affecting themed community future professionals (immigration and citizenship, same-sex marriage, public health issues)
• Networking with upperclassmen or alumni

*Note that not all theme floors and learning communities below may be available each year, as availability is determined based on demand by the March 15th priority date. Space is also limited for all theme floors and living learning communities.

Living Learning Community Opportunities

Living Learning communities (LLCs) are communities designed to help students be successful in their in their first year at UCCS. Students in LLCs live together, participate in shared academic courses and events centered around a particular major or theme.

Criminal Justice Living Learning Community 
The Criminal Justice (CJ) Living Learning Community houses a limited number of first-year CJ majors in one on-campus residence hall. Additionally, members are pre-registered into three freshmen introductory classes (GPS, Intro to CJ, and Theory) during their first academic year, creating a community with related academic goals and built-in support. In addition to the CJ Living Learning Community, students can also join the Criminal Justice Society for both recreational and community service opportunities. More information on this program can be found through the School of Public Affairs.

Education Living Learning Community
Would you like to live in a community of students interested in pursuing careers in Education? There are many pathways to becoming a teacher, or educator, at UCCS. Students seeking a career in early childhood, elementary education, special education, as well as secondary math, science, social studies, English and world languages all are welcome! If you choose to live on this floor, you will be introduced to the student club, Association of Future Teachers (AFT). Organized activities and events will provide members of this community with opportunities to interact more closely with faculty and other education students. There will be many opportunities to work with young people. All members of this floor are encouraged to take the GPS course: Teaching in a Muggle World and LEAD 1000: Foundations of Education during their first semester.  (Most students who sign up for the floor will be pre-enrolled in courses prior to Orientation, depending on specific major).  Join the fun and choose to live with like-minded students. For more information about the College of Education click here.

Theme Floor Opportunities

Theme floors are communities designed to help connect students around a common theme or academic discipline.  Students on these floors share a common interest or major and will participate in co-curricular events throughout the semester.

Colorado Living Theme Floor
The Colorado Living theme community will engage students in providing opportunities to learn more about the outdoors of Colorado. Students will gain an understanding of important aspects of living in Colorado and all that is has to offer. From outdoor activities to sustainable living, students will engage with various departments (i.e. Recreation and Wellness Center ) on campus to learn more about how to take advantage of opportunities to experience Colorado. The community on the floor will be provided opportunities on a regular basis that are directly connected to helping students explore hobbies & interests related to the outdoors of Colorado  

Engineering Theme Floor
The Engineering theme community will focus on providing residents with an environment that will help ease the stress of these academically rigorous College of Engineering programs by understanding the challenges unique to this group. We will connect students and help in securing campus opportunities and student organization involvement. From sharing classes with floor mates to being exposed to events tailored to the engineering-minded students, residents will find their first-year has set them up for long-term success.

Leadership Theme Floor
The Leadership Theme Floor provides students with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills in their personal lives and in their communities, by connecting them with leaders on campus to experience real leadership opportunities.  Students on this floor have a passion and desire to expand their understanding and involvement for leadership. Students in this community will be provided with opportunities that center around leadership such as clubs and organizations focused leadership.  

Nursing Theme Floor
The Nursing theme community will provide a nurturing environment for four and five year track nursing students. Through living in this community, nursing students will be able to identify personal and professional goals and strategies to achieve them, allowing them the ability to track their own progress and develop skills necessary to succeed in the College of Nursing and in the professional world. Residents will understand the self-management skills that are necessary to balance life and study to maintain the high level of achievement that is expected of nursing students. Residents will be able to become involved with their community, in the residence halls, campus and locally. An understanding of the community is critical to the nursing field and the ability to begin to engage with community from the start of their college career is an incredible opportunity for nursing students.

PGA Golf Management (PGM) Theme Floor (beginning Fall 2018)
The PGA Golf Management Program at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs is one of 18 accredited programs by the PGA of America.  As a PGA Golf Management student, you will have the opportunity live alongside fellow golf students as you prepare for a career in the golf industry.  By living in the PGA Golf Management themed floor, you will be able to study for tests and setup your next round of golf with you classmates. Along with PGM this floor will be shared with sports management students. More information on this program can be found through the College of Business.

Sport Management Theme Floor (beginning Fall 2018)
UCCS Sport Management students are involved in a selective program that engages as a group throughout the year.  By choosing to live on this floor you will be able to live with students who are interested in sports management major or have already chosen it as their major. Students will be provided with opportunities to get more involved with offerings that occur in the sport management program outside of the classroom. Along with sports management this floor will be shared with PGA golf management students. More information on this program can be found through the College of Business.

Wellness Theme Floor
The Wellness theme community will allow students to build connections with other students who are interested in promoting a well-balanced life by creating an environment for students to focus on their personal wellness. When a student elects to live in this community, they will be supported to grow in many different aspects of wellness including: financial, physical, mental, environmental, social, spiritual, emotional and intellectual wellness. By connecting with the Recreation and Wellness Center on campus, students will get the opportunity to engage with staff who can set them up for success.   

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