Gender Inclusive Housing FAQs

What is Gender Inclusive Housing?
Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) allows for same gender, different gender, Transgender or other-gender identities to live together, regardless of biological sex. This housing option provides an environment where student housing is not restricted by traditional limitations of gender. GIH is reflective of the housing choices/opportunities available to students who live off-campus, where they select their roommate of choice irrespective of biological sex. Limited placements in Gender Inclusive Housing are available for students who are looking for a mixed gender on-campus environment and for whom the traditional same-gender room assignments are not ideal or appropriate.

Why did UCCS Residence Life and Housing implement a GIH option?
In keeping with our effort to be inclusive and welcoming of all students, the GIH option is currently open to any student who has requested it as part of their application for housing. Students have expressed interest to administration to allow roommate requests and pairings beyond the traditional same-gender paradigm.

Who is assigned to GIH?
Only students who have indicated they are interested in GIH will be placed in such an assignment. Students will never be placed in a GIH suite if they have not selected that option on their application. Students under 18 will need a parent/guardian to agree to the Housing Application and Agreement. Those over 18 are encouraged to discuss your interest in GIH with family members before plans are finalized. The Office of Residence Life and Housing reserves the right to designate units with openings as single gender at any time if needed. If not enough students select the GIH option, a student requesting GIH may be placed in a single gender suite.

How do I sign up for a GIH assignment?
On the Housing application, select "I wish to live in Gender Inclusive Housing" Be sure to also fill in the information about your requested roommate if you have someone specific in mind with whom you would like to live. It is important to make sure your requested roommate has also selected the "I wish to live in Gender Inclusive Housing" option on their application. Students should consider that roommates are intended to live together for the entire academic year, so you should carefully consider with whom you wish to live.

Where is GIH located on campus?
GIH assignments are located in suites with private bedroom room types in all housing areas: Alpine Village Apartments, Summit Village Residence Halls, and the Village at Alpine Valley Residence Halls.

How will roommate pairings be made?
It is expected that most participants will have a specific individual in mind to live with and depending on housing availability, mutual roommate requests for students will be honored, pending availability, regardless of gender. For those interested in GIH who do not have a specific roommate in mind, you will be placed with another student who has indicated a similar desire to live in GIH.

What is expected of me if I live in GIH?
All participants will be expected to adhere to philosophies of respect and inclusion. You are expected to be a positive member of the larger campus housing community the same way as any other resident.

If I am assigned to GIH and no longer want that option, can I change?
Yes, students can request a room change at any time (note that there may be limitations depending on the time of year and if there is available space). If a roommate leaves the unit, the remaining residents will be consulted on whether the unit should continue to be designated gender inclusive or change to a traditional same-sex unit before a new resident would be assigned. Further, the Office of Residence Life and Housing reserves the right to designate units with openings as single gender at any time if needed. If not enough students select the GIH option, you may be placed in a single gender suite or your assigned suite may not be full.

How many students participate in GIH each year?
2016-2017 is the first year that GIH was offered at UCCS, with over 25 students requesting GIH. Statistics from other colleges and universities with GIH report anywhere from 1 - 4% of the campus housing population participate.

Who can I contact if I have further questions about GIH assignments?
Ellie Hinkle, Housing Occupancy Specialist, can be contacted at or at 719.255.4042.

Students who may need other accommodations (e.g. a single private room) related to gender identity/expression may directly contact the Ralph Giese, the Director of Housing Operations, at or 719.255.4042.


Page Last Reviewed March 26, 2018