What to Bring


Wondering what you can bring with you to make the Village seem more like your home? Here is a list of items that you might need as well as items that are not allowed. Be sure to talk to your roommates to see what they are planning on bringing. There may not be enough room if each of you brings a refrigerator, TV, Microwave, and all of your stereo equipment.

Things to Bring
• Clothes hangers
• Linens, towels and a mattress pad
• Twin Sheets Extra Long
• Alarm Clock
• Laundry Supplies (Laundry is FREE!)
• Postage Stamps
• Toiletries, including toilet paper
• Basic medications and first aid items
• Your favorite electronic and computer items, and remember to bring a surge protector and coaxial cable for the TV
• Coffee Pot and/or Hot Pot
• Small Refrigerator
• Athletic Equipment
• Posters, Pictures with tacks or panel nails to hang them

Things to Leave at Home
• Any Pets (except fish that can live in a 10-gallon aquarium)
• Hot Plates (with an open coil)
• Toasters and Toaster Ovens, and any item with an open coil heating element
• Candles
• Incense Burners
• Halogen Lights
• Amplifiers for Instruments


Page Last Reviewed April 8, 2016