Petition to Terminate Housing Contract

Housing Petition

Housing Contract Petition


Please be aware that you have signed a legal and binding academic year contract (fall and spring semesters). Residence Life & Housing offers this petition for consideration of extreme circumstances and makes no guarantees that meeting any of the conditions outlined in this document will release you from your contractual obligation. Petitions for contract termination are evaluated based upon a change in status which has occurred since the beginning of the contract period.

If you wish to move off campus and will still be enrolled as a UCCS student, you must petition to be released from your housing contract.

Reasons to Petition

1.  Generally, students petition their housing contract due to medical or financial circumstances.

2. Other reasons include graduation, marriage/domestic partnership, or educational requirements.

3. For all other reasons, you must meet with your Residence Hall Manager to discuss options before submitting a formal petition.

4. Exemption forms cannot be submitted as reason to petition after moving on to campus.

Residence Life & Housing Petition Process:


1. Complete all information and checklists provided on the petition form.

2. Petition forms and all documentation should be placed in a sealed envelope addressed
ATTN: Customer Service Specialist. Submissions are received at the Housing Operations Office located at the LaPlata House, Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.

Petition forms and documentation may alternatively be submitted via email to All documentation MUST be submitted in a single PDF file format.

3. Petitions are reviewed by the Petitions Committee on the 1st and the 15th of each month. Petitions turned in by the 25th of any month will be reviewed the first week of the following month and Petitions turned in after the 25th of any month will be reviewed the week of the 15th of the month.

4.  You can expect a decision within 30 days from the date UCCS Housing Operations receives the petition.
We will send all communication to the student’s UCCS email account.

If your petition is APPROVED: If the request date fell outside the realm of the committee decision, your bill will be adjusted to reflect the time you checked out and returned your keys to a Residence Life Staff member OR the time your contract release was approved. If your petition is approved AFTER you had already checked out, your bill will only be adjusted from the date your petition was approved.


If your petition is DENIED: You can appeal the decision by sending a written statement to the Director of Housing Operations.  Appeals must be received within one week from the date you were notified of the outcome of your petition.

  • Appeals are will be presented to the appeal to the Appeals Committee. The Committee will render a decision within 10 business days, unless additional information is requested.
  • You will be notified of the decision of your appeal by email directly to your UCCS account.


CLICK HERE to open the Residence Life & Housing petition form.

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CLICK HERE to open the Exemption petition form