Petition to Terminate Housing Contract



Residence Life and Housing Petition Process


1)      If you wish to move off campus and will still be enrolled as a UCCS student, you must petition to be released from your housing contract.

2)      Generally students petition out for medical, financial or extenuating circumstances.

3)      To petition out, complete the Housing Petition form below and submit the appropriate accompanying documentation that will support your reason for your petition.  Submissions that fail to include proper documentation will be denied. 

4)      Petitions should be placed in a sealed envelope and turned into the Housing Operations Office at the LaPlata Front Desk Attn: Customer Service Specialist

5)      Petitions are reviewed by the petition committee who meets twice a month to discuss any petitions.  University Withdrawals, graduation and marriages with proper documentation will typically be reviewed and approved by the Customer Service Specialist.

6)      The petition is reviewed on the first and the 15th of each month. Petitions turned in by the 25th of any month will be reviewed the first week of the following month and Petitions turned in after the 25th of any month will be reviewed the week of the 15th of the month.

7)      You can expect a decision approximately thirty days from the date you've turned in your petition.

8)      We will notify you of the process and any requests for more documentation or information.

9)      Once the committee has rendered a decision you will receive an email from the Customer Service Specialist regarding your petition.

10)    Exemption forms cannot be submitted after moving on to campus.


If your petition is APPROVED: You will be released from your contract on the date you requested on the petition. If the request date fell outside the realm of the committee decision, you will be given seven days to move and check out with your RA.  Your bill will be adjusted to reflect the time you checked out and returned your keys to a Residence Life Staff member OR the time your contract release was approved: if your petition is approved AFTER you had already checked out, your bill will only be adjusted from the date your petition was approved.  If your petition is approved and you have not yet moved out, your bill will be adjusted from the time you officially check out.

If your petition is DENIED: You can appeal the decision by sending a written statement to the Director of Housing Operations.  Appeals must be received with in one week from the date you were notified of the outcome of your petition.

a.       Appeals are sent to the Director of Housing Operations who will then take the appeal to the appeals committee. The appeals committee should render a decision within ten business days.

b.      You will be notified in writing of the decision of your appeal.


CLICK HERE to open the Housing petition.

Additional forms:

CLICK HERE to open the Meal Plan petition.


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