Housing Cancellation Form

Complete this form only if you have not yet moved into your on-campus assignment, or if you are entirely withdrawing from UCCS. If you currently live on campus and plan to remain enrolled at UCCS, you MUST submit a Petition for Termination of Housing Contract.

The following cancellation policy is taken directly from the Housing Contract:

TERMINATION BY THE STUDENT BEFORE OCCUPANCY If the Student wishes to terminate this Contract prior to moving in to the Housing Facilities, then the Student must submit a cancellation online at //www.uccs.edu/~residence/. Termination of this Contract prior to occupancy will result in the following:
1) For cancellations received prior to May 31st (December 1st for Spring), the Student will receive a refund of $500.00.
2) For cancellations received after May 31st (December 1st for Spring), the Student will receive no refund. This provision applies even when the Student submits the Contract and Housing Application after these dates.
3) For failure to move in as described below, the Student will receive no refund.
Move-In. The room assigned to the Student will be held until 8:00 a.m. of the first day of classes. Absent notice by the Student to Residence Life, the room will be released and made available to other students on the wait-list when the Student has not checked in by this deadline. If the Student has requested a late move in from Residence Life, the University will hold the Student's room for up to one additional week, beginning on the first day of classes. Should the Student fail to notify Residence Life before the first day of classes that the Student will not be moving into the Student's assigned room, then the Student will be additionally liable to the University for two weeks of housing charges for the Student's assigned room type.

TERMINATION BY THE STUDENT AFTER OCCUPANCY If the Student terminates this Contract after occupancy, then the Student will forfeit the deposit in full. In order to request a partial refund of housing fees, the Student must complete and submit the official Petition for Application Deposit ("Petition"). The University will approve the Student's Petition if it meets the criteria that the Petition sets forth. The Student can submit a Petition for financial or medical reasons only. If the University denies the Student's Petition, then the Student remains obligated under this Contract for full payment of housing fees. [Note: Suspension or expulsion from any Housing Facility or the University that is a result of a University sanction is not considered valid reasons for the Student terminating this Contract after occupancy.] If the University approves the Student's Petition, then the Student must officially check out of the Housing Facilities in accordance with the checkout procedures described in the Resident Handbook. Charges will continue until the Student completes this official check out process. Final charges will be reflected on the Student's University account. If the Student checks out prior to the University approving the Petition, the Student is responsible for charges that occur from the time of check out until the Petition has been approved.

In cases of withdrawal, it is the Student's responsibility to directly notify Residence Life that the Student has withdrawn from the University. 

Alpine Village Apartments: If the Student fails to properly terminate this Contract, then the Student will be assessed charges from January 1 of the calendar year through the first two weeks of classes of Spring semester.

If you have questions about the housing cancellation policy, contact us at 719-255-4042 or housing@uccs.edu