Current Projects

Ida Bauer
Terrance Boult
Google ATAP Continuous Authentica
Janus Face Recognition
Support for Animal Recognition Project
Terrance Boult
Charles Benight
Rory Lewis
SCH: INT: Collaborative Research: Learning
Sensory-based Adaptive Web-Empowerment Trauma
Dick Carpenter
Rebecca Theobald
An Examination of the Relationship between School Choice Programs
Private School Populations
Zbigniew Celinski
Anatoliy Glushchenko
Robert Camley
Microwave and Millimeter Wave Components
Ching-Hua Chow
Proximity Based Encryption
Grant Clayton
Student Teaching Effectiveness Project (STEP) Pilot Study
Mary Coussons-Read
Phillip Morris
Barbara Gaddis
Gateways to Success
Jay Dawes
Craig Elder
Compression Garment Impact on Performance in the Tactical Athlete
Russell Elsberry
NASA Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel (HS3)
Observations for Testing Environmental Control of Hurricane Formation and Intensification Transition of 32 day and 15 day forecasts of Tropical Cyclone Events to Operations in the Western North Pacific<br.< Extension to Other Basins
Brandon Gavett
Development of a novel test to jointly measure episodic memory and performance validity
Cerian Gibbes
Mapping our community: Spatial representations of diversity and resources
Anatoliy Glushchenko
EAGER: Single-step processing of self-assembled magneto-dielectric hybrid composites for microwave phased array sensors
Janusz Hankiewicz
Zbigniew Celinski
Robert Camley
Development of Contrast for Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Non-Invasive in vivo Temperature Measurement
Steven Jennings
Rebecca Theobald
Colorado 2014-2015 Alliance Grant Empowering Teachers Through GIS
Catherine Kaukinen
Developing and Coordinating Campus Resources, Services, and Programs to Reduce Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, and Stalking on Campus
The nature and extent of absconding and escape among CDOC inmates and parolees
Michael Kenny
Laura Engleman
Aging Families and Caregiver Program - Individual Counseling
Aging Families and Caregiver Program - Public Information Integrated Behavioral and Medical Health Services
Student Clinical Training at Peak Vista Community Health Centers
Student clinical training at Pikes Peak Hospice and Palliative Care
Michael Kenny
Laura Engleman
Leilani Feliciano
Integrated mental health care services for seniors and caregivers
Andrew Ketsdever
Diagnostic Development for Advanced Monopropellant Thrusters
Model-Based Simulation for System Engineering
David Khaliqi
2015 Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Programs
ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp- Mars Rovers, Robots, and Extreme Environments
Southern Colorado Girls STEM Initiative STEM By Me
David Khaliqi
Josephine Benavidez
UNITE Bridge to Engineering
Karin Larkin
Roche Lindsey
Archaeological Assessment of UCCS Quarry Activity Site
Drew Martorella
Happy Days
Daisy McConnell
UCCS Galleries of Contemporary Art 2014-2015 Exhibit & Program Season
Phillip Morris
Building Resilience and Success: Holistic Student Veteran Support
Janel Owens
MRI: Acquisition of High Performance Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Anatoliy Pinchuk
Nanostructured Metal-Semiconductor Thin Films for Efficient Solar Harvesting
Anatoliy Pinchuk
Kathrin Spendier
Nano and Microscale Molecular Machines for Innate Immune Sensing of Candida
Gregory Plett
Scott Trimboli
Nano and Microscale Molecular Machines for Innate Immune Sensing of Candida
Carley Ries
Colorado Rural Inclusion Project
Stephanie Ryon
CEASE Network Evaluation
Sex Purchase Prevalence Study: Valid Estimates of Demand and Actionable Information
Kotaro Shoji
Parent-Child Processes Affecting Long Term Post-Disaster Psychosocial Adjustment
Heather Song
Design Study on Terahertz TWTA
Teri Switzer
State Grants to Libraries
Steven Tragesser
Wheelchair Modifications for Paralympic Shooting
Steven Tragesser
Bret Windom
Course Supplement: Colorado Space Grant
Jonathan Ventura
CRII: RI: High-speed Vision-based Motion Estimation
Rebecca Webb
W-Band Propulsion Development
Rebecca Webb
W-Band Propulsion Development
Henriikka Weir
Catherine Kaukinen
Diverse Long-term Effects of Childhood Exposure to Interpersonal Violence Development of Externalizing Behaviors
Richard White
Terrance Boult
Ching-Hua Chow
RAMCAP Needs Assessment
Mark Wickert
Communications, Signal Processing, and Geolocation Solutions Prototyping Support
Marcus Winters
Effect of Third Grade Test-Based Promotion Policies in Florida and Arizona
Qing Yi
SHF: Small: Specializing Computers For High Performance Computing Through Coordinated Data and Algorithm Optimizations
Chuan Yue
Terrance Boult
Ching-Hua Chow
Xiaobo Zhou
A Security-Integrated Computer Science Curriculum for Intensive Capacity Building
Xiaobo Zhou
Jia Rao
CSR: Small: Moving MapReduce into the Cloud: Flexibility, Efficiency, and Elasticity