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The Office of Research

In 2011, the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) explicitly integrated research into the mission and identity of this great university. Working together, we will dramatically raise the profile of UCCS research, innovation, and creative works by empowering faculty, students, and industry to fulfill their potential. At UCCS, our primary focus is on student success. We support student research, scholarship and creative works in ways that lead to unique disciplinary experiences.

UCCS provides opportunities for students to engage in scholarship in a variety of ways so that students extend their learning through application of knowledge and deep dives into specific content.  Research, scholarship and creative works are crucial activities for our students to expand their learning experiences beyond the classroom. Sparking students’ research interests and improving science literacy, ethical reasoning, and cultural attunement strengthens opportunities for employment and creates engaged citizens. 

During the past decade, UCCS has experienced tremendous growth in enrollment, course offerings and campus facilities. UCCS has had a corresponding surge in research efforts. Faculty members engage students and the community in their research and creative work activities providing unique opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. We're very excited about the work that has been done by faculty, staff, and students and look forward to continued achievements in the future.  Thank you for being part of our UCCS Research Community.

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