Message from Jessi L. Smith

Welcome to the UCCS Office of Research web site. In 2011, the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) explicitly integrated research into the mission and identity of this great university. Sparking students’ research interests and improving science literacy, ethical reasoning, and cultural attunement strengthens opportunities for employment and creates engaged citizens. Students benefit when learning from faculty who are working to advance basic discovery and the translation of results to public health concerns, education, grand challenges, and understanding the human and world condition. It is in the lab, the studio, the field, the community, and the classroom that faculty can and do inspire their students’ passion for research and creativity. Our office is thrilled to support the surging research agenda at UCCS and is committed to fostering research and creative excellence.

Join us on our adventure,

Jessi L Smith portrait

Jessi L. Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research

MSU photo by Kelly Gorham

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