Seed Grants

Seed Grants

Seed Grants

UCCS Faculty SeedGrants

Committee on Research and Creative Works (CRCW)


At UCCS, we use part of the money obtained each year from the collection of Facilities and Administrative costs (F&A), often referred to as Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR), from externally funded grants and contracts as investments to encourage and promote further externally sponsored research and creative work on campus.  These annual investments are made on a competitive basis which is open to our tenured and tenure-track faculty in every program area. The objectives of this investment program are to promote research excellence, to help junior tenure-track faculty members establish research programs, and to assist faculty members in becoming nationally competitive when seeking funding from sources external to UCCS.

The proposals submitted under this funding program are evaluated by our Committee on Research and Creative Works (CRCW) which is composed of nine faculty from across campus. The CRCW is thrilled to announce the 2019 winners:




Allison Findlay

Assistant Professor, Nursing

Project Title: The Correlation between Social Participation and Sensory and Cognitive

Impairments, Function, and Successful Aging Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults



Anna Kosloski

Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice

Project Title: Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women & Girls –Lessons from Victim



Brandon Runnels

Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Project Title: Simulating Microstructure at High Temperature to Create Stronger and Lighter



Darshika Perera

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Project Title: Optimized Embedded Architectures for Model-Predictive Controller for Battery 

Cell Management in Electric Vehicles


Deb Kenny

Associate Professor, Nursing

Project Title: Perceptions of Actual or Near Homelessness of Female Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans

and Identification of Needs to Attain Independence


Jena McCollum

Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Project Title: Resolving Viscoelastic Response in Particulate Slurries Undergoing an Extrusion

Additive Manufacturing Process


Joey Lee

Assistant professor, Health Sciences

Project Title:Influence of Wellness Teams on Schools’ Capacity to Adopt and Implement

Wellness Initiatives


Katherine Guinness

Assistant professor, Visual and Performing Arts

Project Title: Residency for Emerging Female Artists


Kathleen Randolph

Assistant Professor, Teaching and Learning

Project Title: Project CORE (Coaching Rural Educators)


Leilani Feliciano

Associate Professor,Psychology

Project Title: Improving sleep, improving cognition: A pilot study


Philip Brown

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Project Tile: Know Thy Enemy: The Value of Information in Cybersecurity


Robert Sackett

Professor, History

Project Title: Why Some West Germans Promoted a Compassionate Culture Remembering

Jewish Victims and Acknowledging Nazi Crimes, 1950s and 1960s