Seed Grants

Congratulations to the following faculty who received funding for their proposal to the Committee on Research and Creative Works (CRCW) for 2018-2019!

Todd Bredbenner (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

The effects of uncertainty and variability on predicting the fracture strength of lumbar vertebrae

Sang-Yoon Change (Computer Science)

Securely Scalable Blockchain

Samantha Christiansen (History)

An Urban History of Dhaka: From the Periphery to Primacy

Lissanna Follari (Teaching and Learning)

Perceptions and Practices in Teaching the Whole Child:

Focus on Social Emotional Learning Instruction in the Elementary Grades

Cerian Gibbes (Geography)

Fire as a tool for land modification: examining the fire vegetation dynamics in Southern Africa

Andrew Klocko (Chemistry and BioChemistry)

Characterization of the genome organization of the filamentous fungus Neurospora crassa

James Kovacs (Chemistry and BioChemistry)

Two-Pronged Approach to Understanding the Molecular Details of Epstein-Barr Virus Infection

Karen Livesey (Physics)

Calculating the size and the speed of magnetic “skyrmions”

Kathy Owens-Prue; Helen Graham, Keston Lindsay (Health Sciences)

Post Event-Cardiovascular Risk Perception Survey:

Validity and Reliability in Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients Post Heart Event

Tom Pyszczynski (Psychology)

Societal Impact of Mass Violence

Max Shulman (Visual and Performing Arts)

The American Pipe-Dream: Representing and Inventing the Addict, 1890-1940

Kathrin Spendier (Physics)

Understanding the immune synapse between mast cells and dendritic cells

Hui Wan (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

High Fidelity Simulation on Multiphase Fluid Dynamics Using Combined Level-Set and Immersed Boundary Method

The CRCW receives funding from the Provost Office and the Office of Sponsored Projects and Research Integrity, who provides ICR from sponsored projects. The CRCW awards seed grant funding to tenured and tenure-track faculty. Thanks to the faculty who serve on the committee and to the faculty who engage in sponsored programs activities to make this funding possible.