Seed Grants

Seed Grants

Seed Grants

UCCS Faculty SeedGrants

Committee on Research and Creative Works (CRCW)


The CRCW is thrilled to announce the 2019 winners:




Allison Findlay

Assistant Professor, Nursing

Project Title: The Correlation between Social Participation and Sensory and Cognitive

Impairments, Function, and Successful Aging Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults



Anna Kosloski

Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice

Project Title: Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women & Girls –Lessons from Victim



Brandon Runnels

Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Project Title: Simulating Microstructure at High Temperature to Create Stronger and Lighter



Darshika Perera

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Project Title: Optimized Embedded Architectures for Model-Predictive Controller for Battery 

Cell Management in Electric Vehicles


Deb Kenny

Associate Professor, Nursing

Project Title: Perceptions of Actual or Near Homelessness of Female Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans

and Identification of Needs to Attain Independence


Jena McCollum

Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Project Title: Resolving Viscoelastic Response in Particulate Slurries Undergoing an Extrusion

Additive Manufacturing Process


Joey Lee

Assistant professor, Health Sciences

Project Title:Influence of Wellness Teams on Schools’ Capacity to Adopt and Implement

Wellness Initiatives


Katherine Guinness

Assistant professor, Visual and Performing Arts

Project Title: Residency for Emerging Female Artists


Kathleen Randolph

Assistant Professor, Teaching and Learning

Project Title: Project CORE (Coaching Rural Educators)


Leilani Feliciano

Associate Professor,Psychology

Project Title: Improving sleep, improving cognition: A pilot study


Philip Brown

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Project Tile: Know Thy Enemy: The Value of Information in Cybersecurity


Robert Sackett

Professor, History

Project Title: Why Some West Germans Promoted a Compassionate Culture Remembering

Jewish Victims and Acknowledging Nazi Crimes, 1950s and 1960s