Grading Deadlines and Policies

Grade Roster Availability Each semester grade rosters will be created 10 days prior to the end of the session in which the course is housed.  Grade rosters for short courses will be created two business days prior to the end of the course.  Grade rosters for Summer 2018 will be created on Tuesday, July 24.

Grading Deadline:  University policy requires that faculty enter course grades into the online grading system no later than 90 hours after their final exam has ended.  Beginning Monday, August 6 grade rosters left in 'Approve' status will be administratively 'Posted' by the Office of the Registrar.

Online Grade Changes:  The Office of the Registrar is pleased to offer an online grade change process for any grades you may need to change after you've officially posted your grade roster.  Please review the last section of this page for instructions.

Grading Tutorial:  For additional grading instructions, please review our Online Grading Tutorial or call the Office of the Registrar at 719-255-3361. 

• Login to myUCCS Portal
• Click on the Faculty tab
• Click on Faculty Center
• Click Change Term to populate the appropriate term
• Click on the grade roster icon to the left of the course to be graded

• Grades can be entered manually (drop-down grading or bubble grading), or uploaded (using a .csv file).Tip: Save often when manually  entering grades.
• Once all grades are entered, update the grade roster action to "Approved" and click Save.
• If ready, click on the POST button to post grades to students' records.
If a student attended the class but his or her name does not appear on the grade roster, it is the student's responsibility to contact the Office of the Registrar at 719-255-3361 to resolve the issue. The instructor may also inform the student of the need to contact the Office of the Registrar or, if contact is not possible, identify the student to the Office of the Registrar. The instructor will not be able to assign a course grade until the issue is resolved. After the Office of the Registrar has informed the instructor that the matter has been resolved, the instructor assigns a final grade by completing a Change of Record form.

Final grades in Blackboard do not automatically upload into the grade roster. Grades must be manually entered into the grade roster or uploaded using a .csv file.

  If you assign a grade of "F", you will be required to enter an "F Grade Attendance Record" for the student (Attended Until Term Completed, Never Attended, or Attended Until...).

• "Attended Until Term Completed" is the same thing as an earned "F".
• "Never Attended" is assigned when there is no record of attendance or you do not know when the student stopped attending.
• "Attended Until..." is assigned if the student attended until a certain point in time. If this option is selected, you will be required to provide the date of the last academically related activity (such as attending class, completing a quiz, tutorial, paper, or project).

Grade rosters can be saved but not "Approved" or "Posted" until the aforementioned fields have been populated. Once you have posted your grade roster, any changes to the "F Grade Attendance Record" or "Date of Last Academic Activity or Attendance" can only be performed by the Office of the Registrar.

The instructor is responsible for determining the course completion requirements and grading standards.

• Grades of "IP" are assigned for graduate thesis, project or dissertation classes only.
• Grades of "I" should only be assigned under extenuating circumstances. Refer to your college's and/or department's policies prior to assigning an "I".

Students are allowed one academic year to complete a grade of "I" before it converts to an "F".  An online grade change can be submitted by the instructor within the Faculty Center of the myUCCS Portal.  Change of Record forms my also be used and are available each college's dean's office.


A grade of "W" (Withdrawn) is administratively assigned by the Office of the Registrar when a student drops a class after the official census date for the class. The "W" grade will appear on the grade roster and the student's academic record. This is a requirement placed upon the University by the state auditing function. A "W" grade does not affect the GPA.  Faculty members do not have the ability to assign grades of 'W'.

Note:  You are unable to use the online grade change process to assign a grade of 'W' for a retroactive withdrawal, etc.  A physical Course Change Form should be used to assign a grade of 'W' retroactively.

Students can check their grades through the MyUCCS Portal or the UCCS2Go mobile application. Grade reports are not mailed to students. Under the provisions of FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), student grades are NOT to be displayed in public places or online.

Yes!  We are pleased to offer an online grade change process that replaces the physical Course Change of Record form.  You may submit an online grade change within the Faculty Center of the myUCCS Portal after you have submitted a final grade roster.   Please use the links below for instructions on submitting an online grade change through your myUCCS Portal/Faculty Center.  Also, please be sure to use the instructions that correlate with your academic role on campus.  In most cases, you will be using the "Online Grade Change - Instructions for Instructor."  Change of Record forms may also be used, but we strongly encourage you to use the new online grading process to change grades after you have posted your roster.  This speeds up the grading process for students, faculty and staff.

VPN: As of June 1, 2017, you no longer are required to login to the campus VPN to submit an online grade change from off campus.

Online Grade Change - Instructions for Instructor (6.27.17)

Online Grade Change - Instructions for College Deans (6.27.17)

Online Grade Change - Instructions for Authorized Initiators/Proxies (6.27.17)

Other questions?  Please contact the Office of the Registrar at or 719-255-3361.