Applying to Graduate, Commencement, and Diplomas

No fewer than 90 days prior to the date of commencement, students are required to apply for graduation through the myUCCS Portal. Undergraduate students who have earned 90 credit hours should meet with their academic advisor and complete a senior audit prior to applying for graduation.

Graduate students who are within two semesters of completing their graduate program should meet with their program director prior to applying for graduation. Visit the Graduate School’s graduation page here: 

Participation in academic ceremonies that recognize or honor students for the completion of an academic program or specific academic accomplishment is based on the understanding that all requirements have been completed. Every effort will be made to determine eligibility in advance and only students who have met requirements will be permitted to participate.

Commencement exercises for graduates of the summer and fall semesters are held in December. Spring semester commencement is held in May. Graduates will receive diplomas approximately eight weeks after the end of the semester in which the degree is conferred.

  • Diplomas will carry the designation of the campus where the majority of the academic work was done at the upper division level. 
  • General and departmental honors are shown on the diploma. The discipline is indicated in award of departmental honors. 
  • The Bachelor of Science or Arts (BS or BA) will indicate the field of study, such as business, chemistry, electrical engineering, or physics. Diplomas do not display emphases within the field of study. Official transcript will display the emphasis within the field of study or program completed. 
  • In the Graduate School, the degree designation is Master of Arts, Master of Science or Master of Sciences, Master of Engineering, Master of Public Administration, Master of Criminal Justice, Master of Business Administration, Doctorate of Philosophy, Doctorate of Nursing Practice. Transcripts will indicate specific program where appropriate. 
  • Academic Minors: For all diplomas, emphases within a major, as well as academic minors (completed at time a degree is awarded) are not printed on the diploma. 
  • Printed Diploma Name/Commencement Program:  When you apply to graduate, you can set a unique diploma name that will appear on you diploma and in the commencement program.  If a diploma name is not provided, the Office of the Registrar will use your primary/legal name.
  1. Log in to the myUCCS Portal
  2. Select the Records and Registration dropdown, then select Access Student Self Services
  3. Select the Academics tile, then select Apply to Graduate

Apply to Graduate Online Step 1Apply to Graduate Online Step 2

  • Select CUSPG for Institution
  • Choose your Expected Graduation Term
  • Next, choose Select Program

Note: If the term you intend to graduate does not display, it is either too early to apply for graduation or the online graduation application deadlines have passed for the desired term.

Apply to Graduate Online Step 3

  • Click on the description of the academic program for which you wish to apply for graduation

Note: If you are a dual-degree student (majoring in two different majors within two different academic colleges and/or programs), you must apply for each academic program separately. Once you have applied for one program, repeat all steps in this tutorial to apply for graduation within your second program.

Apply to Graduate Online Step 4

  • Select Information is Correct or Information is NOT Correct
  • On the next screen: If information is accurate, populate Complete for each major, track, and minor(s) next to Graduation Intention
  • Final screen: Select Apply for Graduation

Note: If you select Information is NOT Correct, you will not be able to proceed to the final steps or complete your graduation application. Contact your Academic or Program advisor for assistance.

Apply to Graduate Online Step 4

Apply to Graduate Online Step 5

  1. Change/add your Diploma Name if you wish to have a preferred name print on your diploma. Otherwise, you will be prompted to approve your primary/legal name.
  2. Check the Approve Diploma Name
    • Note:  Select the 'Special Accents' button for help entering special accents within your diploma name.
  3. Add a Diploma Mailing Address or approve the address that is auto-populated for you
  4. Select Continue

Apply to Graduate Online Step 6

  1. Verify that the program, degree, and diploma name and address provided are correct. If the information is incorrect, navigate back to previous steps to adjust your information accordingly. You may return to your graduation application/online diploma card later to adjust graduation information accordingly.
  2. Select Apply for Graduation

Apply to Graduate Online Step 7

  1. You've officially applied to graduate!
  2. Use this page to update application information, review the status of an application, cancel an application, and update diploma name and address.
  3. Congratulations!

Apply to Graduate Online Step 8