The Scheduling Process

Scheduling of Main Campus classes begins in the summer with the next year’s Spring classes, followed by Summer and Fall. Class schedules are generated by rolling (copying) the previous year’s term schedule (e.g., Summer 2015 is copied to Summer 2016). Drafts of the schedule are sent to departments in two rounds, allowing two chances to make and finalize changes.

Round 1: Academic Scheduling generates a Curriculum Management Report of the schedule and sends it electronically as a Word document to departments, which make any changes to their classes – days, times, instructor, enrollment limits, room pre-assignments, etc. – directly in the document. Please refer to Do’s and Don’ts of Editing Schedule Drafts when marking up the schedule document.

Note: Enrollment limits may NOT exceed fire code capacities in any room.

The departments return their schedules to the Office of the Registrar for input of changes and room pre-assignments into CU-SIS. Classes that do not have priority room scheduling (see below) are assigned rooms by the automated room scheduling program, Schedule 25 (S25). Department building preferences are built into the S25 program, so every attempt is made to match classes with preferred spaces. Since the S25 program is run only once, all departments receive equal consideration for rooms irrespective of when their schedule was received (as long as it was returned by the deadline). Thus round 1 is not “first come, first served.”

Round 2: Once all room assignments are completed, Academic Scheduling sends a new Curriculum Management Report to departments for any final changes. Unlike round 1, round 2 is “first come, first served”: The Office of the Registrar processes the returned round 2 schedules in the order they are received.
Please see the links at the left for more resources to help with scheduling your classes. For questions about class scheduling, please email

Room Assignments
Room assignments are made by Schedule 25, with the exception of the following:

  • Priority room scheduling  approved by the appropriate Dean and coordinated through Academic Scheduling
  • Department-managed rooms such as science labs, art studios, etc.
  • Standing reservations of large lecture halls coordinated through Academic Scheduling
  • Courses with unique facility needs (e.g., computer labs, SPSS software, clicker technology)
  • Classrooms to accommodate the needs of faculty with physical disabilities

Departments may request or self-assign such rooms in round 1 of the schedule.  All such rooms that are not utilized in the first round return to the general classroom inventory and are available to other departments in round 2.
If you have any questions about the process of room assignments please email

Class Scheduling After Round 2
After rounds 1 and 2 of the scheduling process are completed, submit any changes or additions to the class schedule on the Request to Add/Change a Class form. The form may be submitted in hard copy to the Office of the Registrar, Main Hall 108, or by fax (3116), or by email to Class changes will be processed within 24 hours.
Please note the following:

  • Requests for room changes will depend on availability of classrooms. Please email in advance to inquire about room availability.
  • Any changes made to days, dates, times or enrollment capacity may result in the loss or change of room assignment.
  • Any changes made to days, dates, times, or credits after students are enrolled or have placed the class in their Shopping Carts will require the Office of the Registrar to cancel the original section, create a new section, and re-enroll the students. Students who have time conflicts at the new time will not be re-enrolled.
  • It is the department’s responsibility to notify students of any day/time changes or class cancellations.

Extended Studies
Extended Studies can request rooms for their classes. Rooms will be assigned after the Main Campus schedule is finalized and ready to go live.