New Instructor Provisioning

New Instructor Provisioning
For new faculty to be added to classes:

  1. The instructor must have a 6-digit HR ID number assigned by the UCCS Human Resources office.
  2. The administrator of the instructor’s academic department sends instructor name, HR ID, and the class the instructor is teaching to Academic Scheduling, either on a Request to Add/Change a Class form or by email to
  3. Academic Scheduling sends the instructor HR ID information to University Information Systems (UIS) in Denver.
  4. UIS assigns the instructor a Faculty role and a 12-digit ISIS ID number (former CU students will already have this ID number) and an OperID.
  5. Once UIS has completely provisioned the instructor, Academic Scheduling adds the instructor to the ISIS Instructor Table and to the class.

This process may take from 48 hours to one week, depending on the volume of new faculty to be provisioned, and must be completed before a new faculty member can log into the Faculty portal and access their classes.
If you have any questions about the instructor process, please email