To reserve a room, go to the Event Services website, //www.uccs.edu/uc/reserve-space/reservation-guide, or email events@uccs.edu

Specific room requests may be made in round 1 for the following:

  • Priority room scheduling approved by the appropriate Dean and coordinated through Academic Scheduling
  • Department-controlled rooms such as science labs, art studios, etc.
  • Standing reservations of large lecture halls
  • Classrooms to accommodate the needs of faculty with physical disabilities
  • Courses with unique facility needs (e.g., computer labs, SPSS software, Clicker technology)

No classrooms will be reserved for meetings or events during Finals Week.

It is the responsibility of the department to notify the students of any changes they make to a class when students are enrolled in the class.

It is best to contact the department directly to ask this question, as they would best know what courses they plan to offer in the future.

This request would need to come from a staff or faculty member in your program, and that person would make this request by contacting Event Services.

You would need to contact Event Services and if a large room is available, they can make that reservation for you.

The scheduling system does not differentiate between full semester classes (that do not meet during Spring Break) and the Spring Break session; it interprets the Spring Break meeting times as a conflict with full semester classes and will not allow this information to be entered. You can find Spring Break meeting schedule and room in the “NOTES” field of the Spring Break class. Click on the link (highlighted below) in Course Search:
registrar faq picture 1
This will display course details including the Notes:
registrar faq picture 2